Letter: On guard

To the editor:

Two men with loaded AR-15 rifles “on guard” outside the recruiting center, certainly makes a statement to me! Once again, thank you, Gov. Brownback. All is perfectly legal and the police literally wish you a good day. But stand down fellow Lawrencians. Their parents were in the military, so they must be good people. And I’m sure as can be that they have had oodles of training with their military assault armaments, and what a good choice for the occasion.

Now I’d like to make a statement. I say, as a state and society we are trending downward. Guns are not a solution, they are a problem, and those that believe that the Second Amendment, written during a different time and under vastly different circumstances should apply UNinfringed today, are either ignorant or unbending because it suites their temprement!

And thank you, Sen. Jerry Moran, for your super speedy legislation to ban “gun-free zones” and prohibit the president and the Department of Defense and military department secretaries from attempting to do their jobs. My hero. Look at you work at all the important voter bling issues. (Hey, you remind me of Kris Kobach.) But please tell your buddy Brownback that his “no guns allowed” sign at the governor’s mansion doesn’t square well with both your sentiments.