Letter: A moral crisis

To the editor:

Rep. Tom Sloan’s decision to begin hearings on Medicaid expansion is heartening. Recently, Gene Meyer, our local hospital CEO, articulated the consequences of rejecting Medicaid expansion, describing brutal effects on hospital costs. KU Hospital reinforced those concerns. These two hospitals would be seriously hampered. Many smaller hospitals would close.

Let’s focus on the consequences to the other losers: the very poor, including the elderly, those permanently disabled or living in major pain or those who die because of no medical assistance. About 151,000 Kansans.

It’s inhumane.  

Why are the religious leaders of all denominations not at the forefront of this obvious moral crisis, lobbying to provide basic health care. Is this not also a Right to Life issue for those who have chosen life, a frugal life? Can Tom get their support? Let’s hope.

What could the Good Samaritan do for the stranger injured by the road if no hospital is near?