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KU Today: Stay on top of Jayhawk news with these must-follow Twitter accounts

August 23, 2015


So, you’ve moved into your residence hall, toured the campus, located where your classes will be, gotten a parking permit and thoroughly read ALL the brochures you’ve received from Kansas University (wink, wink).

Now it’s time to get oriented with the KU Twitter-sphere.

Twitter is a great place to spot breaking KU news, trending conversations and helpful hints about navigating life as a Jayhawk — but the social media scene is a noisy, crowded place.

You’ll discover plenty of your own favorite handles to follow, but here are our top recommendations for your baseline.


Followers: 4,714

All the Journal-World’s KU news coverage is broadcast through this handle. Scoops on construction projects, policy changes affecting sexual assault investigations, KU professors doing mind-blowing research, students winning big awards, Heard on the Hill blog posts, how many millions of dollars KU spends to keep its private jet in the air — if we write it, you’ll spot links here. (Plus notable retweets, such as when the basketball team does something major like, oh, wins a world championship.)

None by LJWorld KU News


Followers: 1,590

The actual human behind the @LJW_KU handle, yours truly, Journal-World KU and higher education reporter, Sara Shepherd. I tweet my own KU stories, other KU stories, pictures and bytes from campus, live updates from Kansas Board of Regents Meetings, higher ed news stories I find interesting plus occasional wonky journalism, crime news and art history stuff.

None by Sara Shepherd


Followers: 50.3K

This is KU’s official Twitter account. It tweets everything from basketball to research on Malaysian biodiversity research to upcoming arts events — often with polished photos and videos from the KU marketing team.

The staff members who manage the account love their hashtags, photos and audience interaction. But it’s certainly not the only Twitter word from the university. Search for your own residence hall, department or organization’s handle, and you will almost certainly find it.

None by University of Kansas


Followers: 4,410

Go ahead, ask anything. This is the tweeting arm of KU’s long-running information service, KU Info. Its Twitter feed is full of fun and must-know facts about what’s going on at KU (i.e., how to make sure you’re walking down the correct side of the hill for graduation or the deadline for dropping a class and getting a refund). You can call, email, text or tweet your questions to the service.

None by KU Info


Followers: 12.4K

For student-oriented news at KU, check out the Twitter feed of The University Daily Kansan, KU’s student newspaper. Follow it for breaking campus news, multimedia, sports and reporting on KU and Lawrence.

None by Daily Kansan

@KUSenate / @KUPresident

Followers: 1,775/1,814

The official accounts of KU’s Student Senate and student body president, who is Jessie Pringle for 2015-2016. Both are sources for news about what KU’s student government is up to and a venue to engage with Student Senate.

None by KU Student Senate

None by KU Student Body Pres


Followers: 3,336

Student Union Activities has planned events at KU for 75 years. The student-run board brings in hundreds of cultural, fine arts, music and other sorts of activities every year. Its feed gives you a heads-up about what’s coming.

None by SUA Tweet Feed


Followers: 3,178

KU has been around for 150 years, making for quite a bit of fodder for KU History Today. A project of KU Memorial Unions, the online history service digs for facts from the university’s archives. Every day, KU History Today posts happenings at KU on that day in years past.

None by KU History


Followers: 2,306

Stay safe with the Jayhawk Buddy System — and its tweets. @KUJBS acknowledges that KU students, from time to time, drink when they go out and emits tips for staying under control and reminders for making it home safe.

From its website: “The intent of the Jayhawk Buddy System is to empower students to intervene when their friends are moving in a direction that is likely to result in arrest, injury or other undesirable consequences.”

None by Jayhawk Buddy System


Followers: 7,158

A KU student favorite for obvious reasons, @FreeFoodAtKU tweets (and retweets) are dedicated to providing the best intelligence for getting pizza, cookies, hamburgers and other Lawrence fare on a budget — from chain restaurant specials to on-campus meetings with snacks.

None by Free Food At KU

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