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Letter: Predictable result

May 6, 2014


To the editor:

One wonders how much of this inept Brownback administration he or she can take. It was predicted the state would be in dire financial straits after Brownback’s tax “experiment” was passed. Many of us with a basic business background knew what would happen. Voila!  

First came the report of the $93 million shortfall in taxes. Then came the devastating Moody’s downgrade of Kansas bonds because there are not enough recurring tax measures to help balance the budget. The new general revenue fund profile shows a deficit of $1.26 billion within 5 years with more to come.  All self-inflicted, folks, because of the Brownback income tax cuts.

PLEASE, fellow Kansans, vote for candidates, Democrats and Republicans, who are fiscally responsible. Otherwise, the shortfalls will be met by increased property taxes, sales taxes and various other fees. I guarantee it.


Larry Sturm 4 years ago

Brownback and the Koch brothers legislature are taking us down the sewer.

Thomas Bryce Jr. 4 years ago

Scott, you remind me of the man that fell off the top of a Skyscraper. About half way down, he was heard to say "Well, so far so good." When the results of Brownback's Experiment are fully known and affect you, will you still support him? Think about it. The ground IS coming up fast.

Scott Burkhart 4 years ago

Thomas, I just don't see Brownback's policies as "devastating". I see him trying to reel in unnecessary spending. I would be willing to admit that not all of his economic policies are working the way he intended but for me to admit that you will need to admit that the state is on stronger fiscal ground than it was when Sebelius left office. The downgrade in the bonds was a reaction to lack of revenue not the overall fiscal health of the state. Regardless of the downgrade, the bonds are still what a company or investment firm would consider "investment grade." Investment grade means that they are extremely secure with almost absolute certainty that they would not default but I don't expect a reactionary, such as yourself, to understand economics.

Thomas Bryce Jr. 4 years ago

If you lack Revenue, how can that Not affect overall fiscal health of the State? It affects it Negatively . Those bonds may be "Investment Grade" but they now cost more to investors because of the Down grade. Sebelius's Actions did not result in a Down Grade by Moody's. Your comments toward me are condescending, short sighted and simple minded. Exactly what I would expect from a Conservative Like You.

Greg Cooper 4 years ago

Scott, I will readily admit that the state's economy is better than before, but your tying the economic downturn to Sebelius is just another way of denying the root cause of the downturn, and it wasn't Sebelius, but Republican policies, since mirrored by Brownback and taken to new lows.

And, too, lack of revenue seems to be a pretty serious issue. I don't see how you can pry the two issues apart.

Oh, yeah, and I thought we were not going to toss derogatory names about just because we disagree with the speaker. Reactionary? Really? Because Thomas is concerned about the total picture while you pick and choose what you want? Really?

Scott Burkhart 4 years ago

But you do understand gravity and that's good. Maybe you can go explain climate change to someone that will listen.

Thomas Bryce Jr. 4 years ago

I understand Gravity is a theory. Evolution is a theory also. I understand how Religious Conservatives feel about scientific Theories. I do not expect you to listen to Climate change arguments because they are based on Scientific theories that you probably don't believe in. I understand it is a waste of breath to talk to you period. I understand a lot, Scott. Your biggest mistake would be to underestimate my ability to understand. I value Education and Knowledge.I have no use for people that pick and choose their talking points to fit their argument and use few or no facts at all to support that argument. Keep on Trollin'. It is what you do best.

Bob Smith 4 years ago

If you like your KDS, you can keep your KDS.

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