Column: For our sakes, Embiid should stay at KU

March 27, 2014


I hope that Kansas University freshman center Joel Embiid returns for a second year. My motives are pure, as in purely selfish.

Another year with Embiid at center, and the chances of a KU Final Four run increase greatly. I love covering the tournament, especially the Final Four. So don’t think of yourself, Joel, think of me. Come back, come back, come back to where you still belong. Come back, Jo Jo.

He returns, and the never-dull Allen Fieldhouse crowd watching the remarkably graceful, skilled, Hall of Fame-bound 7-footer from Cameroon roars louder than a Beatles audience.

Since it’s all about me, I hope that Embiid buys the nonsense that so many seem to believe, which is that he can’t possibly improve as an NBA player. You’ve heard it: “The only place to develop his body and skills is in college. He’s not ready!” That might have merit with low-level prospects, but when an NBA franchise invests an extremely valuable high draft pick, plus millions in compensation, it takes big steps to develop that player’s body and game. It protects and nurtures its investment.

All projections have Embiid going off the NBA draft board in the top three selections in the draft. Can’t do better than that. He could do worse next year in the event he encounters more back woes and it makes teams skittish, but that’s a minimal risk for Embiid and no risk at all for me.

All parents want their sons and daughters to pursue careers they love and for them to get well-compensated. That’s why so many help to finance their children’s educations. The NBA’s ready to pay Embiid to play basketball and will prepare him to do it well. “College degree required” is not in the job description.

I hope that he so enjoys life as a college basketball player that he delays starting the meter. My life is far more interesting with him in a KU uniform for as many as 40 more games than if he went to the NBA, which I don’t cover. He must stay. I’m not ready to see him go.


Phillip Chappuie 4 years, 2 months ago

shoulda, woulda, nothing. He's gone. It is almost nine in the morning and the news is all over everywhere. Except the award winning LJW. Catch up boys.

Bob Reinsch 4 years, 2 months ago

Catch up, Phillip. Joel Embiid posted this on his twitter account in a tweet to Cliff Alexander about 8:22 this morning that he hasn't made a decision yet.

Phillip Chappuie 4 years, 2 months ago

Of course. Right after I read about him leaving on a media site (news from CBS sports I think) the twitter thing showed up. I'm glad I was in error.

Phillip Chappuie 4 years, 2 months ago

oops, my yahoo report was obviously in error. But...but, I read it on the internet!

Brian Conrad 4 years, 2 months ago

I know I am nuts... Jo is very different .. his family is doing well , he will never be out of the draft.. X Henry is doing great in the NBA right now... his family had money .. he would have been fine.. he plays on a team that loses most nights.. ask him if he would give up a few mil to have back a year where he was king , a year like we all know college best year of all of our lives.. a year where he wins almost every game.. another year to play ball with his brother.. yep all of those who say grab the money because you have never had millions.. millions can wait , but never Never can you buy all the experiences , the relationships , the fun of college .. so go ahead tell em to run for the cash.. 40 mil so much different from 42 mil... by the way the stupid injury theory is crazy .. ask Okafor.. 10 years and 50 mil later... yes we are selfish .. at the same time please let a kid have some fun.. if you watched X Henry .. he WANTED to stay .. he gave in to pressure from everyone grab the dough.. years later he gets beat almost every night .. his team is a joke.. let a young man make his own decisions .. Either way I can see he loves life and wish him the best.. but for Tom and me .. stay.. he he...

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