Letter: Suppressed vote

To the editor:

Federal District Judge Eric Melgren’s ruling supports Secretary Kobach’s determination to suppress the vote! We have now opened a war on voters who are inclined to vote for Democratic candidates by giving states the right to institute modern “Jim Crow” laws denying thousands, if not millions, of voters the right to vote. 

“Voter fraud” is merely a fiction. This in addition to opening the doors to the wealthy purchasing candidates and financing their elections gives our so-called “conservatives” the right to control more and more of our “democratic process.

In Kansas, Secretary Kobach is the winner! Resident of Kansas are the losers!

The question is: What will those of us who claim to hold the fundamental value of the “right to vote” do about it? Will we continue to elect secretaries of state, governors and legislators who, with Secretary Kobach, support the suppression of voters, or will we work for a free and open inclusive electorate?