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Letter: Registration opposed

March 20, 2014


To the editor:

Months ago, a majority of city commissioners decided that our city needed a new rental licensing program. Duplication of existing law, cost-benefit analysis and common sense fell on deaf ears. The majority of commissioners’ minds were closed to any further discussion.

In my opinion, commissioners have failed to make their case for the rental licensing program for the following reasons:

1) They have failed to address the problem of blighted neighborhoods by enforcing existing laws. Initiating a new program that duplicates existing health and safety laws believing it will alleviate the problem of blighted neighborhoods is wishful thinking.

2) An accurate cost-benefit analysis would determine that individuals harmed by this program (privacy concerns, time, cost, etc.) would far outweigh the number of individuals helped.

3) This proposal would impose a discriminatory tax on landlords. Taxes are initiated by and for the benefit of a government entity whereas license and/or registration fees are initiated by and for the benefit of the end user.

Murphy’s Law states that, “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” It is common knowledge that the city’s monitoring of the new recreation center confirms this adage. The lack of fiduciary responsibility displayed during the building of this project leaves the electorate questioning the motives of all City Hall proposals.

An epic paradigm shift from dependency to personal responsibility will be required of our elected officials if our city is to prosper and grow. Please vote in each and every election.


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