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Letter: Grants justified

June 16, 2014


To the editor,

As it happens, David Penny (Public Forum, June 11) has reasserted his blanket condemnation of publicly funded research just as I am preparing my annual report to the National Science Foundation. Those of us fortunate enough to get public funds for our research are required to justify every dollar we spend and explain how it fulfills a public need. In my case most of the funds were spent directly supporting the training of students at the undergraduate, graduate, postdoctoral and even high school levels. The research and teaching missions of Kansas University are not separate but are intertwined. The big advantage students have in attending a research university like KU is that they can engage in cutting edge research and by so doing learn important real-world skills and learn how to develop and evaluate new knowledge.

If anyone wants to know how public research dollars coming to KU have been spent, it is pretty easy to look up the grants on the funding agency websites. And, speaking of the web, the basic hardware and software that formed the basis of the internet were created through publicly funded research. I think that industry and the public got a pretty good return on that investment.


Dick Sengpiehl 3 years, 11 months ago

Thanks for your well documented letter. I did not agree with Mr. Penney's comments but am not knowledgeable in the grant process so was reluctant to comment Thank you for your well written letter and I totally agree with you.

Leslie Swearingen 3 years, 11 months ago

Though not a scientist or researcher I am passionate about the National Science Foundation and consider it to be just beneath the Catholic Church in importance which is not a contradiction in terms. Google Catholic scientists. It always makes me think of Hari Seldons Foundation and the importance of gathering and preserving information.

Dick, I am glad you did decide to comment and would not be surprised if a lot of people did not comment for the same reason. But, we really need a variety of comments on here to have a valid discussion. I think it is all right to question someone about their point of view if you want clarification or more information but not to convert them to your ways or to humiliate them because you don't like their ways.

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