Letters to the Editor

Letter: Self-policing

July 29, 2014


To the editor:

Some people are selling drugs from their home. There has been several witnesses come forward and report the activity and filed complaints to the law enforcement who has jurisdiction. After a while the law enforcement decides to take action. They obtain a warrant go to the resident and serve the warrant to search the premises for drugs etc.

The resident looks over the warrant, keeping the law enforcement outside then informs the law enforcement that he will be glad to cooperate in every way. He will investigate and search each room himself and if he finds anything illegal he will turn it over to the law enforcement rightb away and then he politely shuts the door.

Law enforcement just stands their frustrated. This really is happening! I saw it on the news.

The home is not in our local area ,though. It is actually the Internal

Revenue Service and the law enforcement is the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Congress. The IRS still refuses to turn over any hard drives, tapes etc. in the current investigation, simply telling the powers that be, “We will investigate this ourselves and let you know if we find anything.” Just think if citizens had these same rights, how much time we could save our local law enforcement.


Leslie Swearingen 3 years, 7 months ago

Sam, I love your letter. It is spot on and I too wonder why the IRS has such a strangle hold.

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