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Letter: Senseless deaths

July 18, 2014


To the editor:

We just witnessed another senseless mass shooting that took the lives of four children and two adults, and injured a child. The shooting in the suburbs of Houston illustrates how our federal gun laws — already deemed too restrictive and not worthy of upholding by the Kansas governor and Legislature — are insufficient when it comes to domestic abusers and how easily they can still get their hands on guns. Ron Lee Haskell, the accused shooter, is a domestic abuser who previously had been arrested for assaulting his wife.

Common sense solutions to keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers and other dangerous people are already sitting on desks in Congress. These include legislation to close dangerous loopholes in domestic violence laws and expand Brady background checks to online and gun show sales. To Gov. Brownback and many of our legislators, these solutions represent “gun grabbing.” How ludicrous. What a sad state of affairs it is when our state leaders resort to arguments used by segregationists to exempt themselves from federal regulations which with they disagree.

While we see gun violence all too often in this country, we cannot afford to become numb. We must take action and demand change — especially when it comes to dangerous people being able to obtain firearms and do harm. We must call on Congress to pass this legislation because it will help save lives and protect women and children. We can and should do better.


Brock Masters 3 years, 8 months ago

It is hard to take the letter seriously when it contains blatant lies. I defy anyone to show me where there is an exemption or in the words of the author, a loophole for online sales or gun shows for background checks.

Everyone who buys a gun from a licensed gun dealer, regardless in their store, at a gun show or online must pass a background check.

Want to reduce all violence including the use of guns to perpetrate it then do the following.

Improve mental health services Require the reporting of people with mental illness requiring treatment with psychotropic medications to be reported to the national background database Impose long sentences and keep violent offenders in jail. Change our prisons from places of punishment to rehabilitation centers for first time offenders. Destroy and rebuild the centers of poverty and violence in this country. Take drastic action to break the cycle of violence and poverty.

Tell me we can't afford to do this and I say we can't afford to. To do it. Plus, all we have to do is stop waging illegal wars and nation building and we'd have funds if not to complete it, but at least for a good start.

Richard Heckler 3 years, 8 months ago

"all we have to do is stop waging illegal wars and nation building and we'd have funds " to put up medicare single payer insurance for all in this nation.

Also should be enough to fund public education throughout the nation thus relieving state legislators of the ability to not fund public education.

Then move on to the massive interstate highway rehab project that is bogged down in congress.

All of the above would provide some new long term union wages for millions upon millions of workers in America.

Supporting union wages for workers in America is a best bang for the tax buck. Why shouldn't millions of workers that which supply tax dollars have the opportunity for a sweet payback?

All of the above is a win win win for long term economic sustainability . Bring it on.

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