Letter: What next?

To the editor:

Is our Kansas Legislature the gift that keeps on giving or what! Usually the Republican majority utilizing its “Duck Dynasty” mentality provides the ridiculous, the absurd and the unbelievable in right wing, Koch brothers dogma. Now a Democrat, Gail Finney from Wichita, has come up with a new bill, (House Bill 2699) for consideration to reinstate “spanking” up to ten  “strikes” of the hand on a child (by teachers, caregivers or parents,) vicious enough to leave “marks” (bruising and redness) which would restore parental rights and promote “discipline” on the child.

What rock did Ms. Finney crawl out from under? As a child, did her parents and teachers beat her? What sort of home humane environment did she grow up in to become such an advocate of abusing children? Is she a mother who beats her children? Now brutal and cruel child beating is become her priority of state government? 

What is next for Kansas’ “cave man” mentality? If severely whipping a child is approved in Kansas, beware Ms. Finney, can beating the “little-woman” be far behind? In addition to carrying guns, why not include “clubs” as a requirement for self defense and mandate all women to have long hair, the better for the make it easier for “troglodytes” (real men), to drag them back to their caves!

What is the matter with Kansas is a question many ask. Well, why not take a hard look at Ms. Finney; it would be a start!