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Letter: What next?

February 22, 2014


To the editor:

Is our Kansas Legislature the gift that keeps on giving or what! Usually the Republican majority utilizing its “Duck Dynasty” mentality provides the ridiculous, the absurd and the unbelievable in right wing, Koch brothers dogma. Now a Democrat, Gail Finney from Wichita, has come up with a new bill, (House Bill 2699) for consideration to reinstate “spanking” up to ten  “strikes” of the hand on a child (by teachers, caregivers or parents,) vicious enough to leave “marks” (bruising and redness) which would restore parental rights and promote “discipline” on the child.

What rock did Ms. Finney crawl out from under? As a child, did her parents and teachers beat her? What sort of home humane environment did she grow up in to become such an advocate of abusing children? Is she a mother who beats her children? Now brutal and cruel child beating is become her priority of state government? 

What is next for Kansas’ “cave man” mentality? If severely whipping a child is approved in Kansas, beware Ms. Finney, can beating the “little-woman” be far behind? In addition to carrying guns, why not include “clubs” as a requirement for self defense and mandate all women to have long hair, the better for the make it easier for “troglodytes” (real men), to drag them back to their caves!

What is the matter with Kansas is a question many ask. Well, why not take a hard look at Ms. Finney; it would be a start!


Abdu Omar 4 years, 2 months ago

When my childtren were small, we moved into a house on a quiet street. After about two years they widened the street and put a mall with about 20 stores in one end. Now that made the road we lived on very busy and then they increased the speed limit.

Now my children were small, 3 and 6 and both wielding hotwheels that were the rage at the time. So at the end of my driveway before you cross the sidewalk, I painted a blue line. "If you cross that line I will beat you silly" I said, hoping to keep the kids away from the road. Well it worked for about three weeks and then my son crossed it. He was 6 at the time and I grabbed him by the arms and with hotwheels still clining to his body, I shook it loose and gave him three very hard slaps on his behind. Of course he screamed like I was killing him, but he never crossed the line again.

Two days later, my daughter who hard just turned 4, tried the same trick. Thought I wasn't watching. I gave her the same and she too never crossed the blue line again either.

I never spanked my children again because they learned that I meant what I said. This is the important lesson of spankling, but if parents would discipline their children at home, a teacher would never need to.

Leslie Swearingen 4 years, 2 months ago

I can understand how horrible it is to think about your young child being run over and even if you are in the yard they can do things in the blink of an eye, they move fast whether it be on foot or hotwheels.

I am not going to judge you for this simply because I cannot come up with an alternative that is guaranteed to work and because that is such a serious situation.

When I took care of my granddaughter I had a tether from her wrist to mine because I knew I could not catch her if she took off. Some people didn't like it but most were supportive.

At my advanced age I have no advice for parents because things happen in real time not the slow pace of a group meeting where people are simply musing about possibilities.

For full disclosure I will say that I never spanked either my daughter or granddaughter whom I took care of for her first five years. I had my share of frustration but learned to deal with the difference between my emotion mind and what was actually going on. I also learned to talk to them and really listen because often they did have a reason for what they were doing.

Matthew Herbert 4 years, 2 months ago

I'm just happy that (for the moment) the 'Republicans are ruining Kansas' crowd has to bite their tongue and embrace the reality that most everything that flows out of the Capital building, Republican or Democrat, is worth slightly less than the paper it's recorded on.. Paul Davis suggests we should shut down the legislature early to save money; I wish to amend that proposal by adding the provision that we never re-open it.

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