Letters to the Editor

Letter: New Year’s idea

February 14, 2014


To the editor:

Across America, we have a variety of New Year’s Eve ball drops, such as the crystal ball in New York City, a big wooden cod on Cape Cod, etc. To celebrate Lawrence, how about the New Year’s Eve dropping of the “Naismith basketball” — since I read that we want to promote our connection with the inventor of basketball. Note that national news even might be primed well ahead of time to mention this as they crisscross America comparing local New Year’s eve events. Just a suggestion.

On another issue, in our newest construction of parking garages, could we have heavy duty finely spaced wire completely covering the ceiling “rafters” installed to prevent birds from nesting or hanging out above, to avoid the nuisances we have noticed in other parking garages. (P.S., I love birds).


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