High School Sports

High School Sports

LHS bowlers place second

February 12, 2014


Lawrence High’s boys and girls bowling teams took second place at a tournament Tuesday at Royal Crest Lanes.

Ivan Davidson led the LHS boys, who finished behind Topeka Seaman and ahead of De Soto. Davison had games of 211, 214 and 169 for a 594 series.

Kierstan Warren and Mary Wroten finished 2-3 for the LHS girls, who placed second to Seaman and ahead of Blue Valley, Blue Valley Southwest and De Soto.


Tuesday at Royal Crest Lanes


Team scores: Topeka Seaman 2676, Lawrence 2380, De Soto 1778.

LHS results: 5. Ivan Davidson 211-214-169—594. Tre Sexton 136-213-225—574. Carter Gehrke Carter Gehrke: 179-193-183—555. Montez Sanchez 222-177-150—549. Triston Decker 187-172-183—542. William Bewick 177-170-193—540.

JV team scores: Lawrence 1979, De Soto 1192.

LHS JV scores: Morgan Sisson 220-167-150—537. Dillon Schroeder 159-186-162—507. Michael Blocker 132-154-172—458. Jared Radford: 130-132-175—437. Cameron Stussie 160-142-117—419. Pride Leggins 88-94-106—288.


Team scores: Topeka Seaman 2176, Lawrence 2079, Blue Valley 1634, Blue Valley Southwest 1503, De Soto 1329.

LHS results: 2. Kierstan Warren 132-210-202—544. 3. Mary Wroten 177-166-187—530. Abby Schmidtberger 168-177-160—499. Allie Crockett 124-177-153—454. Izzy Schmidtberger 153-165-125—443. Miranda Sexton 155-111-109—375.

JV team scores: Lawrence 1551, Blue Valley Southwest 1353.

LHS JV scores: Ashley Neal 140-141-143—424. Kaitlyn Applegate 137-125-112—374. Kennedi Wright-Conklin 139-114-119—372. Campbell Drake 117-122-121—360. Hannah Reed 121-102-124—347. Lauren Schulteis 111-100-124—335.


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