Letters to the Editor

Letter: More to story?

February 7, 2014


To the editor:

So the Lawrence Police Department is going to drop the case of the student who died after the party?

Trauma is odd and unpredictable, so I can’t speak to that.

The paper says they found him a block from the party where he was last seen. Technically, I suppose, it’s a block, because there are no cross streets. But it is a very long block. Turning toward where he said he was going, his girlfriend’s place, you go downhill to bright lights and many stores. The direction to Avalon Road is uphill and dark. It doesn’t seem an imaginable mistake, even for an impaired person.

And, having gone that way, why would he wander into someone’s yard and walk along a high ledge?

The only friend I’ve seen who gave her name said he didn’t drink. Apparently others gave another story. But no one said he was falling down drunk. They watched him walk down the street. A blood alcohol of .18 (which they found) would leave the person seriously impaired.

There needs to be a better accounting for this tragic death than, “He fell.”


John Graham 4 years, 4 months ago

What accounting do you want? He was more than twice legally drunk. People at the party were interviewed by police. There was no reported evidence of foul play. The evidence points to someone quite drunk falling approx 20 ft which is more than enough to account for his injuries. Unless you know of some actual facts about what happened that the police are unaware of what exactly do you think the police should do? It is unfortunate he died but from what has been reported it makes reasonable sense that he was drunk and he fell. Accidents happen to people, drunk or not.

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