Letters to the Editor

Letter: Financial pipe dream

August 12, 2014


To the editor:

Assuming Chad Lawhorn’s analysis is correct for this slight window in time, $300-$400 extra in sales tax doesn’t seem like that much to give for a new police headquarters. But if you factor in the inevitable city, school district and county property tax increases over the next eight or nine years, the continual rate increases in water, sewer, trash collection, gas and electricity, coupled with a lack of income increases on the part of many working stiffs and those on fixed incomes (ie: Social Security), that $300-$400 may be very hard to come by. Add in the increased cost of groceries and other services in Lawrence and the idea that the city wants to become a retirement haven is more likely a pipe dream.

Perhaps this increase would be more palatable if the city, county and school district would learn to live within their means, instead of writing budgets for money and building new projects with tax dollars they don’t have. Nah, responsible leadership in government is also merely a pipe dream.


Richard Heckler 3 years, 2 months ago

The Kansas GOP majority have been beating up on public education for years and years instead of sending OUR tax dollars back to Lawrence. Taxpayers approved the school bond issue.

Taxpayers were not allowed to vote on the rec center = anti democracy. Likely would not have passed.

Voters approved the library spending as well.

Remember each time our homes are increased in value by local government that is a tax increase.

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