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Motorists delayed near 23rd and Louisiana; alternative routes recommended

April 30, 2014


Motorists should continue to consider an alternate route when planning to travel near 23rd and Louisiana streets.

Currently, motorists are unable to turn northbound onto Louisiana from 23rd Street. Cars can travel through the intersection going south, east and west, but there are significant delays due to construction, according to a city of Lawrence news release.

East-west traffic can use 19th or 21st streets, while north-south traffic can turn to Massachusetts, Naismith or Iowa streets.

The construction surrounds an unmarked fiber line belonging to AT&T; that was struck by road crews last week while they were replacing a waterline.

The intersection will remain restricted until mid-May, the city said. Part of the 2200 block of Louisiana will also close to all traffic for a period of time, with possible overnight closures, for the installation of a water main.

The city's water main project will continue until the end of July, but may be extended.


Ralph Gage 4 years ago

AT&T is compensating for this, of course!

Jim Phillips 4 years ago

Alternate routes? Really? What major roadway,east of Iowa St. and on the south side of Lawrence isn't torn up by either the City or a contractor or already jammed up with traffic?

Scott Burkhart 4 years ago

This is a perfect example of how the SLT, east leg, was needed years ago. As infrastructure needs increasing upgrades, anyone living west of this intersection cannot access Hwy 10 without allowing a lot of extra time to navigate this intersection.

Jim Phillips 4 years ago

Scott, Just a little more about the SLT. About the time the City was first pushing the SLT, the traffic signals on 23rd Street were synced to each other so that when a driver got a green light for eastbound or westbound traffic and drive at a certain speed, he could travel 23rd Street from Iowa to Massachusetts Street non-stop. The City had those loops removed during its push to get the traffic way.

During that same time frame, I was on the police department. I was assigned to 31st and Louisiana for three days in a row. All I was to do on the first day was count the trucks being driven on 31st Street. That roadway was not a designated truck route at that time. Truckers were using 31st Street to bypass traffic congestion on the designated truck route, that just happened to be 23rd Street. My job for the next two days was to stop all of the trucks travelling on 31st and direct them back to 23rd Street.

The City denied it was a strategy, but by removing the loops in the signals and by adding more large and slow vehicles to a heavily used roadway, ...well, you can imagine what happened to 23rd Street traffic.

Dorothy Hoyt-Reed 4 years ago

And refusing to put a light at 31st and Louisiana, making it a crazy 4 way stop with too much traffic.

Dorothy Hoyt-Reed 4 years ago

Actually no. Many of these people drove over to 31st on Haskell. But they can't now. They have succeeded in making the traffic on 23rd even worse, so that when the SLT is finished, they can brag about the difference, but the 23rd traffic is just going to go back to where it was before they closed off Haskell.

Dorothy Hoyt-Reed 4 years ago

Whose decision was it to close Haskell, then do all this work on 23rd street?

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