Letters to the Editor

Letter: Signs, signs

April 26, 2014


To the editor:

Each day our senses are assaulted by a seemingly endless stream of advertising whether we are surfing the net, watching TV or, it seems, driving down the streets of our fair city. “ON BUS ROUTE, W/D hookups, WE LOVE PETS — you’ve seen them. Apartment complexes are some of the worst. “SALE TODAY, GRAND OPENING, FOR SALE BY OWNER, GARAGE SALE.”

Enough already. One thing all these temporary signs and banners have in common is that they are illegal and are subject to a fine of $50 per day per sign. Lawrence has adopted a very comprehensive sign ordinance, but the city staff appears unable or unwilling to enforce it. Signs, including political signs, are not allowed in a city right-of-way except when the city commission grants special permission for signs of public interest. There are also specific limits on all types of signage located on private property. If you are unsure about your signage, the full text of the sign ordinance is available online under Article 18 at: www.lawrenceks.org/assets/city-code/chapter05.pdf or simply call Development Services at 832-7700.

Most don’t realize they are violating the law because it is so seldom enforced. Instead, the city has chosen to wait for someone to complain. To help preserve the beauty of our city, take time to report some of these offending signs in your neighborhood. The city has an online, anonymous code violation form at: www.lawrenceks.org/pds/code_violation. I’m sure they’ll be happy to hear from you.


Richard Heckler 4 years ago

Some of these violations are in plain site. Why does a citizen need to complain first?

Leslie Swearingen 4 years ago

Grant, no, Apartment complexes are putting signs out so that those driving by with be aware. Honestly, they don't bother me. I do wish that people would stop referring to Lawrence as our fair city or our historic city. Rather it should be seen as a city of people going about their daily lives and conducting their business. I think that Lawrence is a great place to live but of course, we all see things we might like to change.

Matthew Herbert 4 years ago

Are you bothered by all those high school sports signs that parents put in their yard to show that their child plays for the local high school team? I mean really, what's worse than parents having pride in their kids! The city should definitely crack down on all these loving parents.

Also, be very careful throwing rocks in a glass house...doesn't (what I presume is your business) Rueschoff Locksmith still periodically put out their ".99 Keys made here" temporary signage? I have no problem with you doing so, as it is your business and your private property, but isn't that exactly what you are complaining about others doing?

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