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Bicylist injured after colliding with vehicle on East 23rd Street
September 24, 2013
Bicyclist suffers non-life threatening leg injury
City approves temporary closure of New Hampshire Street for hotel
September 24, 2013
Lawrence city commissioners unanimously agreed to temporarily close a portion of New Hampshire Street to accommodate construction of a new downtown hotel. By Chad Lawhorn
City to craft statement saying it doesn’t have plans to use drones
September 24, 2013
File photo: This is a computer-generated image of a type of drone called Micro Aerial Vehicle, or MAV. Lawrence city commissioners aren’t ready to create a policy for drone use in the city limits, but they did commit to compromise with a growing group of residents concerned about the new technology. By Chad Lawhorn
KU Student Senate scrutinizing spending
September 24, 2013
The KU Student Senate has seen its budget reduced because of declining enrollment figures, lower fees and spending by previous senates. With funds slimmer, the body is looking more critically at the events, projects and services it oversees. By Ben Unglesbee
Corn not quite ready for harvest
September 24, 2013
Mark Milleret started cutting corn this week — to see if it was dry enough for him to cut more. The verdict? Still a week or two away. By Giles Bruce
Lawrence school enrollment up 2 percent this year
September 24, 2013
The official head count enrollment taken Sept. 20 shows Lawrence schools added 195 new students this year, or about 2 percent more than last year. If that trend continues, officials say it may require more new construction in the next five to seven years. By Peter Hancock
Iwig Family Dairy seeking $650,000 in donations to stave off liquidation
September 24, 2013
The milk is still fresh, but the financial situation at Tecumseh-based Iwig Family Dairy is souring. The family-owned dairy that operates two retail stores in Lawrence is turning to an Internet campaign to try to raise $650,000 in donations to stave off a potential bank-ordered liquidation. By Chad Lawhorn
Obama selects former state transportation secretary Miller for federal position
September 24, 2013
President Barack Obama has announced his nomination of Deb Miller, former secretary of the Kansas Department of Transportation, to the federal Surface Transportation Board.
KU football still tinkering with trial and error of faster tempo on both offense and defense
September 24, 2013
This offseason the Kansas University football team made it a point to work on both handling a faster tempo on defense and playing at a faster tempo on offense. Three games into the season, the verdict remains out on how KU has done, but both units have seemed more comfortable playing at faster speeds. By Matt Tait
Kasold reduced to two lanes between Yale and 10th Place on Wednesday
September 24, 2013
Both southbound lanes on Kasold Drive between Yale Street and 10th Place will be closed for much of Wednesday to make way for utilities crews to repair a water main, according to the city of Lawrence.
Road work scheduled on Route 458
September 24, 2013
A portion of Route 458 near Clinton Lake will be closed next week for a culvert replacement project. Traffic will be re-routed across Clinton Dam.
Senator says Stegall swearing in timed to avoid vote
11:00 a.m., September 24, 2013 Updated 04:05 p.m.
The Kansas Senate’s top Democrat says he worries that the swearing in of Republican Gov. Sam Brownback’s chief counsel as a state Court of Appeals judge has been delayed to prevent a statewide vote in November 2014 on whether the appointee stays on the bench.
Royals edge Mariners, 6-5, in 12
September 24, 2013
Alex Gordon threw out a runner at the plate in extra innings and scored on Salvador Perez’s two-out double in the 12th to lift the Kansas City Royals over the Seattle Mariners 6-5 on Monday night.
Horoscopes for Sept. 24
September 24, 2013
For Tuesday, Sept. 24 This year you see the big picture more easily. If you are single, you naturally could start meeting a very different type of person. If you are attached, as a couple, the two of you benefit from making a public commitment to each other.
25 years ago: Mall also might have effect on threatened fish
September 24, 2013
“People care about eagles, but most people don’t care about flathead chubs.”
40 years ago: Old house to be restored at Clinton Lake site
September 24, 2013
The house was of local historical interest as the last standing structure on the Bloomington town site.
5K run/walk inspired by local students battling cancer
September 24, 2013
A local teen says she was inspired to organize the 5K Run/Walk for Cancer Research after learning that three students at Langston Hughes school are battling cancer this year. The event will be at 9 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 28, at DeVictor Park, 1100 George Williams Way.
Dole Institute exercise reveals trade-offs in federal budget cutting
12:00 a.m., September 24, 2013 Updated 10:23 a.m.
Monday’s federal budget deficit exercise at the Dole Institute of Politics at Kansas University did the seemingly impossible: It made people feel compassion for Congress. That may seem hard to believe, when four-fifths of the country disapproves of the job Congress is doing, but trying to reduce the deficit is a little more difficult when you are the one faced with the decisions, which have wide-ranging impacts on the lives of real people. By Giles Bruce
Letter: Hospital funds
September 24, 2013
The Sunday Journal-World article, “Rural Kansas hospitals may face jeopardy,” is an excellent forewarning of what may very well happen to a multitude of Kansas hospitals. This would be a huge blow to critical health care for many people who live in smaller cities.
Letter: Intimidation tactics
September 24, 2013
The headline of “Professor put on leave; lawmakers call for firing” on Sept. 21 did not reflect the most important part of this story. I am not supporting what Guth said, but I do support free speech. I don’t always like what some people say, but that is the price we pay for this most important freedom.
Letter:Legislative bully
September 24, 2013
On Sept. 20, Kansas University placed Professor Guth on administrative leave because of a less-than-140-character comment on Twitter. This was at the insistence of a “politically powerful” state legislator, Senate Majority Leader Terry Bruce, R-Hutchinson. It’s obvious to me that Bruce cannot comprehend nuances in a short statement. It’s also obvious that the “politically powerful” Bruce has threatened KU and is forcing the administration to take this action.
Letter: The Undeserving
September 24, 2013
I want to express my appreciation to Lynn Jenkins and her colleagues in the U.S. House of Representatives for their steadfast efforts to keep health care from the Undeserving (i.e., the poor). They just voted again — for the 24th, 25th time; I’ve lost count — to abolish the Affordable Care Act. They are like Sisyphus pushing the rock or a dung beetle pushing … well, never mind. They seem to be acting in good conscience from a philosophy of Social Darwinism: Them that have earned it deserve it; them that didn’t don’t.
Opinion: Iranian leader is worth a listen
September 24, 2013 in print edition on A10
Call him the anti-Ahmadinejad. In preparation for his speech at the U.N. General Assembly today (the same day as President Obama), the new Iranian president, Hassan Rowhani, has conducted a diplomatic offensive of astonishing proportions, including an exchange of letters with Obama, network interviews, tweets, and an op-ed in the Washington Post.
Editorial: Shelter support
The Lawrence Community Shelter is worthy of city support, but there’s a limit to how much financial backing taxpayers should be expected to deliver.
September 24, 2013 in print edition on A10
In for a penny, in for a pound. The city of Lawrence has invested too much in the Lawrence Community Shelter to now allow the shelter to fall into a serious financial bind. For that reason, it makes sense for the Lawrence City Commission to look favorably on a plan to finance a $725,000 loan to the shelter. However, it also makes sense for commissioners to make sure that loan is structured in a way that protects taxpayers and maintains the independence of the nonprofit shelter.
9-year-old shows resiliency, selflessness in cancer fight
September 24, 2013
Brayden Ballew watched the numbers add up in real time: 1,997, 1,998, 1,999 … 2,000! “It was like, Happy New Year!” said the 9-year-old Lawrence boy. When his goal for “likes” on his “Bray’s Fight” Facebook page was met, it was as if he were watching the ball drop Dec. 31: a countdown followed by ecstatic joy. There haven’t been a lot of recent moments like that for Brayden, who has been fighting Hodgkin’s lymphoma since his diagnosis in June. By Giles Bruce
100 years ago: Tradition of KU freshman beanie threatened by University Council
September 24, 2013
“Many of the older students predict the custom of freshman caps has passed.”
Double Take: Parents should think about how they reinforce kids’ behavior
September 24, 2013
If you tell a child he or she is successful because of his or her efforts, you’re assigning accomplishment to a variable that is within the child’s power. And guess what? The next time the child faces an intellectual challenge, he or she will think that trying hard is the key to success, not good fortune.
Breast cancer patient’s attitude toward chemo therapy: Bring it on
September 24, 2013
Robbi Jenkins wants to make one thing clear: She doesn’t get sick. No strep. No pneumonia. No flu. The common cold doesn’t even bother trying to slow down the executive chef with the brisk walk, confident stare and no-nonsense demeanor. So imagine how the 58-year-old reacted after settling in for her regular mammogram on Oct. 26, 2011