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100 years ago: Ice-plant manager’s condition worsens in wake of September attack

October 17, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Oct. 17, 1913:

  • "The re-arrest of Howard Wynn, who attacked Col. J. K. Rankin in September, took place in Topeka this morning when Sheriff Cummings served a warrant on him in the Topeka city jail where he was being held as a vagrant. Wynn will be brought to Lawrence and placed in the county jail without bond awaiting the condition of Col. Rankin, now seriously ill as a result of the attack. His present bond, granted at the earnest request of Col. Rankin, will be revoked.... The attack on Col. Rankin, manager of the Griffin Ice company, was made by Wynn who, it is said, was in a state of intoxication. Wynn rushed at Col. Rankin while the latter was in the plant and knocked him down after he had charged the company with giving him short weights in the ice delivered at his house during the past week.... Although Mr. Rankin was not thought to have received serious injury at the time of the attack, the nervous shock brought on an illness which has grown more serious during the past few weeks and physicians now say he has small hope of recovery. In the event of Col. Rankin's death, Wynn will be charged with first degree murder."
  • "There is a growing suspicion in the office of Wm. J. Cummings, sheriff of Douglas county, that certain Baker students might clear up the mystery regarding the disappearance on Monday night of President Mason's six-cylinder touring car. The suspicion is also said to have a goodly following in the Methodist village, the scene of more than the usual amount of excitement yesterday morning when the absence of the car was discovered. The sheriff is short of clues, and so is President Mason, and in the meantime it is merely a rumor, but it is suspected that some Baker students entered the garage on Monday night and took the Prexy's car out for a little joy ride, perhaps to Lawrence for an hour or two. Judging from later discoveries the driver lost control of the machine and allowed it to leave the proper course and seek a haven in a ditch alongside the road. Anyway that is where the searching party found the car late yesterday afternoon. It was half turned over in a ditch, about five miles out of Lawrence on the road leading to Lawrence. It is estimated that the damage to the car amounted to about $150. No blame has been fixed upon anyone but in the meantime there is an extensive investigation on at Baldwin."
  • "News was received in Lawrence today that Jos. Hawley, brother of C. R. Hawley, county superintendent of schools, had been shot and killed near his home in a mountainous district of California, when he was mistaken for a deer by hunters. Mr. Hawley was walking through some bushes when the hunters heard the rustling of the leaves and fired into the clump. He walked six miles after being wounded and then died, the letter states."


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