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100 years ago: Customer pulls knife on ice company manager

September 8, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Sept. 8, 1913:

  • "Colonel John K. Rankin, manager for the Griffin Ice Company here, was the victim Saturday night of a cowardly attack of a patron of the company, who, it is alleged, threatened the life of the manager with a long knife which he flourished. The quick work of 'Spot' Fearing, an employee of the company, saved the manager from what might perhaps have been serious injury. The affair occurred Saturday night about 11 o'clock at the company's plant on north Vermont street. In the rush of business the manager had been obliged to stay with his work until late at night. Howard Winn, a resident of the north side and an employee at the Lawrence Paper Mill, called at the plant to purchase some 'slush' ice. Upon receiving it he is said to have made some remark about being given short weight and drawing a knife from his clothing is said to have advanced toward Col. Rankin. Then 'Spot' Fearing appeared upon the scene and with one well delivered blow felled Winn to the floor. The latter arose, however, and made a second attempt to strike the Colonel. Fearing came to the rescue again this time, but in the mix-up that followed Col. Rankin was thrown to the floor also. The Colonel arose quickly and with a blow with his cane, laid his assailant out unconscious. A physician was called but Winn had regained his senses and left before the doctor arrived.... Yesterday morning a warrant was secured charging Winn with assault with intent to kill.... Yesterday morning he is said to have told the officers that he could not explain his actions unless it was that he was 'crazy drunk.' Col. Rankin escaped without any bodily injury but the severe shock threatened a nervous breakdown."
  • "M. E. Brokce, an employee of the Douglas County Marble and Granite Works, was instantly killed and C. W. Sams, the owner, narrowly escaped serious injury at 2:45 o'clock this afternoon when a derrick at the Union Pacific freight house fell over against a wagon on which some monuments were loaded. Brokce's head was caught between the falling derrick, a heavy structure of wood, and one of the monuments and was crushed. Mr. Sams jumped when he noticed the derrick falling but his arm was caught and bruised somewhat. Beyond this he sustained no injuries."
  • "Enrollment at the high school reached the five hundred mark at the registration last week. Principal Olney expects between forty and fifty more on the opening day of school next Monday."
  • "A rather cloudy sky today brought slight relief from the heat and kept the temperature down below the high marks. But even at that it wasn't a cool wave, and there were but a few tantalizing drops of moisture. The maximum temperature reported for today was 93 degrees above. Just what became of the promised cool wave is uncertain. It may have been overcome by the heat and again it may have been delayed on the way and may arrive a little later. At any rate there was no cool wave noticeable here yesterday."


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