Letter: Hate speech

To the editor:

My wife and I have undergraduate and law degrees from Kansas University, as does our daughter; and various family members are KU grads. Several members of our family, including me, are members of the National Rifle Association. On behalf of our family, we found it disheartening that Professor Guth would like to see all of us violently killed and damned by God.

Some might dismiss Professor Guth’s hate speech as merely the ill-considered rant of an immature and insecure academic, anxious to demonstrate his allegiance to the politically correct views of his fellow academics. I am not so sure; I think it is entirely possible that Professor Guth’s statements suggest that he sincerely welcomes the killing of my family and everyone who disagrees with his political agenda. Faced with publicly expressed hate speech like that of Professor Guth, is it any wonder why people continue to join the NRA and that some may choose to arm themselves?

Our family bears Professor Guth no animosity, but we deplore his politically correct hate speech targeting people like us.