Letter: Shame on state

To the editor:

My God, it is unbelievable that David Guth’s career should be in jeopardy because of something he said, or tweeted. Only a dummy or troublemaker would think that he would like to see the children of NRA members shot.

He only wants the NRA to be accountable for their continual support of NO gun control. The NRA is the most powerful and controlling organization in this country –much more so than our Republican and Democratic legislators.

The killings continue. Now EVERYONE is responsible. We should all be able to recognize and do something about mental illness. Everyone has a family member or knows someone with a mental illness. What are we to do about it?

Bottom line: Sane or insane people cannot kill others, unless they have access to guns.

I do not know David Guth. Maybe I would like him, maybe not. Maybe I agree with his statement, maybe not. I do think, however, that he has a right to speak without being put on administrative leave. What he says or does has no reflection on me. We are responsible for our own actions; no one else’s.

How the state of Kansas has treated Guth is an embarrassment for all Kansans. His treatment by the state is much worse than anything he could have said.

Good luck to David Guth. I hope he isn’t drained financially fighting a disciplinary action against his civil rights. If it goes to court, I hope he will be proactive and settle for a large chunk of change.