Letter: Not representative

To the editor:

Sen. Jerry Moran’s quote in a recent Journal-World story blames President Obama and Democrats for refusing “to come to the table and work toward a responsible solution with those who disagree with them.” He goes on to assert that Democrats “would rather shut down the government than negotiate.” Moran’s assessment (ahem) of the situation is nothing less than rhetorical obfuscation. In fact, the ones shutting down the government are those who cannot accept that the Affordable Care Act is the law.

Republicans want it delayed one year, or there will be no budget negotiations. No logical reason has been offered for this request.

The ACA was on Obama’s agenda when he was elected president; the Supreme Court has upheld the opposition’s efforts to deem it unconstitutional, and Congress has recklessly spent the taxpayers’ money using time and resources trying to the repeal the law 40 times. As House Speaker John Boehner defends these pointless maneuvers, he declares his party is speaking for the “American public.” Let’s be clear. The only “public” he is speaking for are tea party members, their elected officials and others who want to simply see a failed Obama presidency.