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100 years ago: ‘Go-to-Church Sunday;’ young pony thieves sentenced; KU beanie ‘war’ continues

October 5, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Oct. 5, 1913:

"'We are going to church Sunday.' Little placards are appearing in many windows in Lawrence homes today bearing the above information. These are being spread about the city by the Ministerial Alliance in its effort to secure a large attendance at all the churches in the city on next Sunday, which is to be 'Go-to-Church Sunday.' The plan was suggested and adopted at the last meeting of the alliance and it is meeting with very much favor in the city. Many persons who have grown rather lax in the matter of church attendance have signified their intention of going to church on next Sunday and the indications are for record congregations in practically all of the churches of the city. The ministers are preparing special sermons, especially appropriate to the occasion and the services are to be made especially attractive for next Sunday. At almost every church in the city there will be special music both morning and evening."

"The two eleven year old boys, Clyde Newcom of Topeka and Craley McCuley of North Lawrence, caught with a pony stolen from C W. Harmon of this city last week, were tried before Judge Lindley of the juvenile court this morning and sentenced to a term in the boys' industrial school in Topeka. No definite limit was made as to the length of their stay at the school.... Neither of the lads seemed concerned over the affair though their mothers sat beside them on the bench in Judge Lindley's office with tears in their eyes. Ike Johnson, turnkey of the county jail, says the boys became so hilarious during their confinement that they had to be put on different floors.... When caught the boys had stolen another pony from a farmer near Okslaloosa and were running races, one on the pony and the other in the buggy. In turning a sharp corner the buggy was upset and not being able to right it they both rode off on the one pony. The pony stolen from Mr. Carmen exhibited evidence of having seen hard usage on the trip."

"Enter the freshmen into the cap controversy. The first year men who have been the most concerned and yet the least active in the 'war' on the hill are now showing signs of life and threaten to get into the squabble within a few days. It is rumored about the hill today that the freshmen are getting organized and that they may decide to settle the question for themselves, and the decision probably will be 'no.' The freshies haven't said so yet, they haven't decided as yet just what action they will take but it is doubtful if they will meekly give in to the orders of the upperclassmen.... The freshmen are said to oppose the wearing of the cap and may take advantage of the opportunity offered by the fight between faculty and student council to eliminate the persecution of freshmen from the University life.... There is a current of sentiment for maintaining the tradition running through the law school and every day it gets stronger. If something definite is not done soon by the harassed Student Council the Laws expect to take the matter in their own hands and see to it that the freshmen wear the caps."


dabbindan 4 years, 2 months ago

not much has changed, only the degree.

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