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100 years ago: Tradition of KU freshman beanie threatened by University Council

September 24, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Sept. 24, 1913:

  • "Student control of discipline at the University is waning. If the student council concedes to the demands of the University Council and discontinues the practice of forcing the freshmen to wear skull caps it will be allowed to continue as the governing body of the students. If the council decides that the freshmen shall wear their little caps as in the past, the power of student discipline will be usurped by the university council. Facing this dilemma the Student Council met last night and reached a decision, but the members refuse to divulge the news.... It is not hard to make a shrewd guess in the matter, however, and many of the older students predict the custom of freshman caps has passed.... A recent resolution of the University Council says in part that its members have been viewing with concern the growing tendency to disorder among men students. To the council it seems clear that the freshman cap rule is responsible for this in a considerable measure. Several fights last year and cases of paddling resulted in the revival of hazing and the University Council has issued the decree that no representative body shall have the right to impose upon any class a distinguishing mark or article of clothing."
  • "A warrant charging the carrying of concealed weapons was served on James J. Allen, a student in the School of Medicine at the University, at one o'clock today on complaint of Ralph C. Wiley, another student. Allen is married and operates the Jayhawk boarding club and rooming house and Wiley is a Senior in the College. Wiley alleges that Allen asked him to pay all of damages to furniture resulting from a student scuffle in his room. When he refused to ay for more than a share of the damage he says Allen ordered him out of the house. As he was moving out his belongings, he alleges that Allen drew a revolver and demanded payment of the money. Wiley says he afterwards paid for the total damage to the furniture."
  • "This was Haskell Day at the Douglas County Fair. School was dismissed at the Institute and all the students boarded the car for Woodland to have an afternoon off and enjoy a good time. All afternoon, students and faculty mingled together at the fair grounds, visiting the various attractions offered."
  • "Four Haskell Indian students were slightly injured in an accident on the Roller Coaster at the Fair Grounds this afternoon. Two cars came together bruising the occupants slightly but injuring none of them seriously. James Ross sustained an injury to his nose while four girls were slightly bruised."
  • "Representatives from needy counties all over Western Kansas are in Topeka to make known their wants to the Kansas farmer seed wheat club recently organized. They agree that farmers in the western section have been rendered nearly penniless by the drouth and need at least 100,000 bushels of wheat immediately. The relief club announced that $14,000 in money and three cars of wheat have been subscribed."


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