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Letter: Let’s be great

October 4, 2013


To the editor:

I certainly hope the leaders in our state will take a step back and rethink how they are governing our state. Kansas used to be a great state, and, believe you me, that sentiment is shared by many Kansans who have returned. Running a government is not a game. You can’t just skew things so far to one side and think that things will be OK. Government doesn’t work that way.

So please, let’s get our stuff together and return to the great state we once were. We are not the South. We are not the West. We are not the North or East. We are Midwesterners. Let’s act civil and get back to respecting one another.

Finally, let’s bring back social studies and teach our youth about government. I attended Boys State back in the day and served as a page for our once great state of Kansas, so my final advice to those in office and running for office: Please take some time to learn what your responsibilities are as a representative.

Let’s pray God won’t punish us for letting down our fellow man and those less fortunate.


Richard Heckler 4 years, 4 months ago

Coordinated efforts to introduce model legislation aimed at defunding and dismantling public schools is the signature work of this conservative organization.


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