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Kansas insurance commissioner worried about changes to health care law

November 14, 2013


Kansas' insurance commissioner said Thursday the Obama administration's decision to delay by a year the cancellation of health care policies that no longer meet the standards of the Affordable Care Act could have unintended consequences.

"It does create problems for the insurance companies," Kansas Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger said. "It does create potentially problems for the whole health reform if you don't have everybody playing by the same rules. … It was a very carefully crafted piece of legislation. We said from the get-go that if you start taking pieces out of this it will collapse."

Still, she said she understands why the decision was made. Many Kansans have received notices that their health insurance policies would be cancelled at the beginning of the year, after President Barack Obama had repeatedly stated that if people liked their polices they could them keep them.

Praeger said this all might not have been an issue if the federal insurance marketplace at had been working properly. The website, which is where people in the 36 states (including Kansas) that chose not to set up their own exchanges buy insurance, has been ravaged by technical glitches, and many Americans have been unable to view the new coverage options.

"(The cancelled policy holders) probably would have been eligible in many cases to buy more comprehensive coverage with a tax credit that is applied prospectively," Praeger said. "A lot of these cancellation notices were in effect before the website rolled out. But we've had this, as (Kathleen Sebelius, secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services) said, 'debacle.'"'

Praeger added that while she wishes Kansas had been able to create its own health insurance exchange — Gov. Sam Brownback chose not to — her department has set up a site,, that allows people to explore the new insurance plans and see how much of a tax subsidy they might be eligible for.


John Graham 5 months ago

So the president without any input from congress like an amendment to the existing law can simply change things on his own? He pushed back the start of ACA for business. Was there not a start date in the law? How can he push back the date without an amendment? Now he has changed things with regards to whether or not one could keep their policy for another year. Wasn't their guidelines about this in the law? How can he change this without an amendment? I am not a constitutional expect by any means but once something has become a law how can the president just up and change it on a whim? Can someone explain this to me? I must have missed that day in government class.


Bob Smith 5 months ago

If you don't like the ACA, just wait a while and Bronco will change it by his imperial whim.


Richard Heckler 5 months ago

Health Care is s human right. Human bodies are designed to require health care at some point... this is not a choice. It is time to ditch expensive health insurance for everybody rich or poor. USA medical insurance is NOT a good dollar value simple as that.

Conservative profiteers are pouring millions of $$$$$ into anti-Obamacare misinformation Ads.

All of this big spending on misinformation is increasing the cost of medical care/medical insurance thus increasing the cost of just about all that consumers purchase.

The health insurance industry will gladly pass on the cost of misinformation to the consumers which increases the cost of premiums,pharmaceuticals,medical equipment,hospital stays,lab works etc etc etc.

Then trickles down to groceries,gasoline,tires,clothes,shoes,Brew and wine,concerts,school supplies,cost to run local governments and etc etc etc.

Is misinformation and inflated medical insurance rates worth increasing the cost of living across the board? Of course not.


Richard Heckler 5 months ago

Americans for Prosperity — a conservative group funded by the Koch brothers — is spending millions on ads that aim to turn Americans against the Affordable Care Act, just as government officials prepare to enroll the uninsured in the law’s new health care exchanges beginning on October 1. The campaign will eschew attacks on President Obama in favor of a new non-ideological tone that could appeal “young women” who watch the Food Network, “Law & Order,” and “Good Morning America.”

The goal is to “start softening the ground” ahead of implementation, Tim Phillips, the group’s president told the New York Times. “Too often we fell into a broad-based ideological argument, and I think we failed to get at ‘Look at what they’re doing and how it impacts you,’ ” he said. “I think where we win is on the impact of a specific policy.”

But if the group’s first TV ad, titled “Questions,” is any indication the new spots are no more honest than the partisan advertisements from 2012.


Bob Smith 5 months ago

"It is a condition of my admission to this great land that I am not allowed to foment the overthrow of the United States government. Oh, I signed it airily enough, but you’d be surprised, as the years go by, how often the urge to foment starts to rise in one’s gullet. Fortunately, at least as far as constitutional government goes, the president of the United States is doing a grand job of overthrowing it all by himself. On Thursday, he passed a new law at a press conference. George III never did that. But, having ordered America’s insurance companies to comply with Obamacare, the president announced that he is now ordering them not to comply with Obamacare. The legislative branch (as it’s still quaintly known) passed a law purporting to grandfather your existing health plan. The regulatory bureaucracy then interpreted the law so as to un-grandfather your health plan. So His Most Excellent Majesty has commanded that your health plan be de-un-grandfathered. That seems likely to work. The insurance industry had three years to prepare for the introduction of Obamacare. Now the King has given them six weeks to de-introduce Obamacare..." Read the rest at


Susan McDaniel 5 months ago

So if the cancelled plans are back in operation, what about the massive increases in premiums many suffered ? Do they get a roll back to?


Bob Smith 5 months ago

The next time everybody on the dexter side of the aisle is saying that some mad scheme the WH is proposing will make the Wreck of the Old 97 look like the Teddy Bear's Picnic, will the lefties pay attention?


Richard Payton 5 months ago

Will Lawrence Memorial Hospital accept all of the Obamacare policies? Will they choose not to accept the bronze plan? Is a doctor shortage coming or have I listened to Fox Radio too much?


Bob Smith 5 months ago

Everyone should be worried about the hot mess that is the ACA.


Richard Heckler 5 months, 1 week ago

Leave Obamacare on the table because it calls for no more junk insurance policies which is over due.

Leave existing insurance on the table for those who enjoy spending large sums of money for medical insurance some of course is worthless. What could possibly be more American?

Make IMPROVED Medicare Single Payer Insurance for ALL available to all taxpayers as one of our choices. This choice REDUCES the cost of government, public and higher education and doing business in general. Why isn’t congress on board?

Let's Compare Single-Payer (HR 676 and S 703) Expanded Medicare for All Vs. Proposed Healthcare “Private insurance with Public Option” ( very interesting findings)

Now allow consumers to make their choice instead of congress. Let the chips fall where they may.

I want my tax dollars spent on a useful endeavor such as Medicare Single Payer not on:

  1. insurance over charges

  2. or obscene CEO salaries

  3. or golden parachutes

  4. or shareholders

  5. or special interest campaign funding!!!

Make IMPROVED Medicare Single Payer Insurance for ALL available to all taxpayers as one of our choices. It is time for my tax dollars to support a fiscally prudent insurance program.

Moreover, tax dollars also pay for critical elements of the health care system apart from direct care—Medicare funds much of the expensive equipment hospitals use, for instance, along with all medical residencies.

More on Medicare Single Payer Insurance. Physicians for a National Health Program Health Care NOW


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