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Letter: Petty politics

May 29, 2013


To the editor:

In an article on May 26, Scott Rothschild opened the door and shined a little light on the petty politics conducted by The “GUV”ernor and departments of the Kansas state government. Shortly after being absorbed by KDOT at Brownback’s directive, the KTA announces it’s cutting part-time employees’ hours so it won’t have to comply with a federal law. This time, however, it’s not a private employer but instead is part of the Kansas state government, KDOT specifically. This administration is using the state government to hurt Kansans. Brownback attacked legislators of his own party who wouldn’t toe his line. Is he now attacking the people of Kansas directly? Congratulations, you’re once again bringing Kansas to the forefront in the race to the bottom. I wonder who’s next.

Why doesn’t the current Kansas administration own this as they have many other failures and admit they’re hurting Kansans all in the name of petty politics? It will be interesting to see what kind of sordid prepared statement his mouthpiece will read because of this latest fiasco.


bearded_gnome 10 months, 3 weeks ago

yo Ralph! you conveniently forgot to mention the oppression of Obamacare and the natural response to it. the state's response is just one of thousands like it across the country. entirely predictable.

please focus your wrath where it belongs, on the short sighted democrat politicians who shoved this monstrocity down our throats by way of corruption, threats, and lies.

now it's own architects call it a "train wreck."


Agnostick 10 months, 3 weeks ago

It's almost as if the Kansas Legislature is trying to do to the KTA... what Congress did to the USPS. Hobble it to death through unnecessary, shoddy legislation. Except that the Kansas Legislature is going about it in a slower, more ham-fisted way.

I think the next step will be the leeching of money from the KTA by the Legislature, to line the boots of the well-heeled Republican con artists like Kinzer and Kompany. The end result? The nice, smooth road surface that the Kansas Turnpike is today... will look like I-70 through Missouri by the year 2020.


10 months, 3 weeks ago

@rtwngr I seldom do this, but after reading this thread I have to come to tomatogrower's defense. I can't find any post talking about hating, re-institution of slavery and several other things you mention. It appears you're putting words in TG's post. An apology is in order, don't you think.

I would come to your defense if someone did the same thing to you.


tomatogrower 10 months, 3 weeks ago

The state is using the same tactics that many businesses have been using for several years now, long before ACA. Why else would they have so many part time employees anyway? It's just cheaper for them to hire part-timers, paying them less and not providing any benefits. And besides the ACA doesn't require employers to pay for the insurance, but if they offer it to one employee, they need to offer it to anyone with 30 or more hours. It just allows the employee to join a group insurance plan with their lower rates, rather than pay the higher rates of a private plan. An employee can even turn down the companies insurance.

Most companies could afford to pay a small portion of an employee's insurance. Very few companies who offer insurance to their employees pay the entire premium anyway. When the company doesn't offer insurance, the employee then relies on the government and charities to take care of them, thus the penalty, to help pay for the care of the people that many employers could care less for, even though they need these people for their business. We are tired of subsidizing your employees. WalMart is one of the worst companies about letting the government take care of their employees. And we consider them a free market success story? Bah!! Employer Requirements in the Affordable Care Act What are the employer requirements?

"The Affordable Care Act (ACA) does not require employers to offer insurance coverage to their employees, but it imposes a penalty on businesses that fail to insure their employees in certain circumstances. Small employers with fewer than 50 employees are exempt from any penalties. Beginning January 1, 2014, large employers can be assessed a free rider penalty if their workers receive premium subsidies through the Exchanges.

In addition, an employer with more than 200 employees who offers at least one health plan must automatically enroll employees into one of the plans offered, though employees may opt out. This approach to enrolling in employer-sponsored coverage is expected to increase employee participation."


ChuckFInster 10 months, 3 weeks ago

Notice how the fact Obamacare was the reason for this decision and was conveniently left out.


Brock Masters 10 months, 3 weeks ago

The cut in hours is not so they won't have to COMPLY with the law, but instead so they won't be SUBJECT to the law or its taxes.

Subtle, but important distinction. Doesn't change the end result, we should call it as it really is when discussing it.


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