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Poor leadership

May 10, 2013


To the editor:

Does the Milken report surprise you? Lawrencians have been saying all along, that we cannot afford all this developmental spending. What “laurels” are we resting on, second from the last place? Is this a joke? Menards wanted to build here but the city planners did not want it. Local jobs and the income that it would bring to Lawrence were not their priority.

Next item in the paper was Brownback wants to take money from the early-childhood endowment fund to balance state budget. Those funds came from major tobacco companies to settle a multistate lawsuit and were designated for early-childhood programs. NOW he wants to raid the funds. That’s lying and stealing. I hope someone stops him. What terrible leaders! This impression we are making on others is priceless.


toe 11 months, 2 weeks ago

The lack of jobs or higher taxes do not concern the government workers that make up a majority of voters. They fly to Chicago for weekend outings. Life is good.


Steven Gaudreau 11 months, 2 weeks ago

Lawrence is a B & B community. If you do not want to commute to KC or Topeka, own your own business, work for KU, the city or hospital, there are few jobs that pay well. If a person does not fall in those catagories and wants more, I sincerely feel people need to move. I'm not being snarky, I'm being realistic. People need to ask themselves why they love Lawrence so much. Maybe what we all want Lawrence to become is exactly where we currently do not want to live.


Paul R Getto 11 months, 2 weeks ago

Get used to it. It will get much worse as the cuts and local tax increases roll out in the next couple of years.


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