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Basketball calls

May 10, 2013


To the editor:

I think a coach or a coaching staff in a basketball game should have the right to challenge an official’s call (or lack of call). Officials are people and they sometimes make mistakes. When coaches and players have no way to overturn an official’s bad call, especially a bad call that occurs at a crucial time when the game is on the line, this gives too much power to officials.

Pro tennis players can challenge line calls and ask for Cyclops (a zoom lens) to judge the call. Basketball arenas could have Cyclops cameras to judge whether players’ feet have stepped on a court boundary line or a 3-point line.

Football coaches can challenge an umpire’s ruling and ask for a play to be reviewed. Basketball coaches should have the right to challenge officials twice each half. After the first challenge, if a review or play decides a coach is correct, the coach would retain the right to two more challenges. If the review of play shows officials were correct, a coach would have only one challenge remaining. If a coach loses a second challenge in a half, then the coach would not be allowed further challenges in the half.

Isn’t it time for this sensible, important basketball rule change?


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