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100 years ago: Watkins Bank celebrates 25 years in business

May 8, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for May 8, 1913:

  • "Watkins National Bank begins the second quarter century of its existence today. It was authorized to do business and opened its doors in Lawrence just twenty-five years ago and the record made is one in which the entire citizenship of the community may well take pride, for it means something to any community to have large and prosperous banks. While Lawrence is blessed with good banks perhaps no one of them has gained quite so close a hold on the hearts of the public as Watkins. Its location for some years being outside of the business district special pains were taken to treat every one so well that they could not refrain from doing business with the bank and that policy has never been changed although the bank is now one of the largest and strongest in the state.... The Journal-World believes that the personnel of the banks' officers and employees has had much to do with the success of the bank, but as they are extremely modest the paper will refrain from saying the good words for them that it believes they deserve."
  • "At 5:30 o'clock last night the jury in the case of the State of Kansas vs. Ross Phenicie returned a verdict of not guilty, thus acquitting the autoist of the charge of fourth degree murder which had been preferred against him. The jury, however, deliberated for five hours and a half before an agreement was reached and a verdict reported to the court.... Phenicie was tried for the death of L. N. Creel, a laborer who was killed in North Lawrence on Friday afternoon, April 25, by being struck by a car driven by Ross Phenicie.... The jury yesterday failed to see any culpable negligence and Phenicie was acquitted. It is understood that the widow of the man who was killed will bring suit for damages for the death of her husband. It is also stated that several settlements have been suggested by Mr. Phenicie, but that no agreement could be reached. It is quite probable that a civil action will be brought in the near future."
  • "Henry Dirk was arrested this morning charged with the theft of a bicycle. Dirk, it is alleged, made a sale to Henry Faber a few days ago of a bicycle for $4, the latter paying him about $3.75. Later according to Faber's version of the story he paid Dirk the remainder. It is alleged that Dirk took the wheel, telling Faber he wanted to ride it down the road some distance and that after that the wheel was never returned. Dirk claims he never was paid for the wheel as the money that was given him by Faber was turned over on a board bill which Faber owed. The warrant has been out for some time for Dirk but he could not be found. This morning he was in town and hearing that there was a warrant out for his arrest he walked out to the jail and gave himself up."


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