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100 years ago: Lawrence pedestrian hit, killed by auto

April 25, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for April 25, 1913:

  • "Lou N. Crell of 735 New Jersey street was killed this afternoon shortly before 2:30 o'clock when struck by an Auto driven by Ross Phenicie of Reno, Kansas. The accident occurred at the corner of Bridge and Locust streets in North Lawrence and death was almost instantaneous. The car was coming from the east and was about to make the turn. Crell was going north across the street, and either not seeing the approaching car or figuring that he could cross ahead of it, stepped into the street directly in front of the car and was struck in the back by the front of the car. Crell staggered a few steps and was struck a second time. This time he fell to the ground and before the driver could stop his machine it had passed over the prostrate form of the man. When he was picked up he was dead.... The news of the accident caused considerable excitement in Lawrence. The police were called and a wild rumor was heard to the effect that a mob had formed and threatened the life of the driver of the machine which caused the death. However, this proved to be only a rumor and without foundation.... Phenicie, driver of the car, was on his way from his home near Reno to Lawrence to attend the Kansas-Missouri baseball game this afternoon.... Mr. Crell has been employed at the Bowersock Flour Mills for some time. He was about 35 years old and is survived by a wife and several small children."
  • "John E. Barnes was brought back from Belleville last night by Sheriff Cummings and is now in jail awaiting trial for wife desertion. Barnes has been a grocery clerk, but last Sunday tired of home life and its restraints and left for parts unknown. It happened that the officers made a good guess that he would go home and he did go. When the sheriff arrived there he found that Barnes' mother and brother had already left for Lawrence. Upon arriving home with his prisoner he found that the deserted wife had changed her mind and did not want to prosecute. Mr. Barnes' mother from Belleville is staying with the deserted wife.... The county attorney is confronted with a difficult problem but he has decided to prosecute. The wife abandonment law expressly states that a wife must testify against her husband in these abandonment cases. If Barnes pleads guilty the county attorney will probably recommend a parole provided bond is given to insure the support of the family.... In many instances irate wives ask for warrants for their recreant spouses but relent and want the action dismissed. In this case the county has gone to large expense and the county attorney feels that it is his duty to insist upon the law taking its course."
  • "Lawrence's murder mystery has been solved. Officer Henry Smith of the police department was the Sherlock Holmes who unravelled the affair and west Lawrence can sleep in peace again. Robert Badsky, of 421 Alabama street, yesterday afternoon surrendered himself to the officer admitting that he was the perpetrator of the crime which has stirred the northwest end of the city. Badsky's story is that being the owner of a troublesome canine he proceeded to hold a little private execution the other evening and disposed of the animal. He did not intend to break into the limelight because of it, however."


FlintlockRifle 5 years, 1 month ago

Funny wording in days gone by, great read.

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