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Letter: Bond investment

March 26, 2013


To the editor:

We strongly support the school bond up for public vote on April 2. This public investment is good for our kids, our community and the local economy. It will allow for much-needed improvements to aging facilities and classrooms, with upgrades slated for every school in the district. It is an important commitment to, and investment in, neighborhood schools.

It is also key to local economic development. As the Lawrence Chamber of Commerce writes in its support of the bond, “strong, successful educational systems are one of the most effective economic development tools for any community.” And this wise investment for a better tomorrow comes without any raise in our property taxes. Please vote on April 2!


William Ed 5 years, 1 month ago

Look closely at what this bond is buying the community. What needs to be done can be accomplished for half the cost. There are facilities that can be used without doubling the size of Sunset Hill and expanding New York and Cordley. There is never any mention of the vacated space at McDonald Drive, or the 80 acres sitting unused on the east side of town. We need to rethink the bond and have it make sense at a reasonable and responsible cost so that there are funds available in the future when new requirements surface.

ALo 5 years, 1 month ago

I agree completely and plan to vote yes for the bond because a strong school system is directly tied to a strong community and economy.

In response to oneeye_wilbur above, the district is retiring a previous bond, so it is correct that the bond will not raise taxes. And just to clarify the costs to voters, a homeowner whose home is valued at $150,000 would save only $8.67 per month if the bond doesn't pass.

We need to pass the bond because: - The Career & Technical Education Center is badly needed—26% of local high school students go straight into the work force. - Our elementary schools are suffering from decades of underinvestment, and the bond will fix utility problems and provide modern spaces designed for the way kids really learn. - ALL of our school buildings leak energy (both the old and new facilities). The bond will address these issues to save about $290,000 annually in tax dollars. (This is not unique to our district.) - Lawrence actually invests less in our schools than our peers across the state. Lawrence needs our school system to stay strong so our community can remain vibrant and competitive.

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