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Letter: Guns don’t save

March 23, 2013


To the editor:

Guns don’t save lives.

A man kills the Colorado prison chief. Didn’t that killer realize that this man certainly would have a gun for self-defense? That didn’t stop him.

When John F. Kennedy was assassinated or when his brother Bobby was killed, certainly there were guns in the entourage with them. I am sure Martin Luther King would not have been saved if he had a gun in his hand. The gunman at Newtown did not execute his rampage because he thought there were no guns in the school.

Guns for self-defense don’t work well. Murder is murder in offense or defense. “An eye for an eye leaves both blind.”


Brock Masters 5 years ago

So if guns don't save and killing in self defense is murder should we disarm our police and military?

If guns don't save then why does the president still have armed protection?

Correction officers generally are not armed on the job and the job position doesn't mean they are armed at home.

jafs 5 years ago

Well, probably the same reason we generally lock our doors and windows. It's not perfect, but it's a bit of a deterrent.

Really? I'd imagine that most correction officers are armed at home.

50YearResident 5 years ago

Ramble of the Day. What is the point Mr. Conrad is trying to make?

ThePilgrim 5 years ago

Mr. Conrad's letter is a total non sequitir.

Just because the people with guns were not in proximity with the killer does not mean that guns are totally non-effective. Lee Harvey Oswald used a rifle shooting from a distance. Duh.

ThePilgrim 5 years ago

And I find the endless exercises in trying to apply logic to the Newtown massacre to be tiresome and desperate. It was senseless. That was the point.

Take away guns or add guns to the school and you don't get a different outcome, any more than adding armed cops to a theater would significantly change the outcome if a copycat gunman repeated the same steps of the Colorado theater shooter.

ThePilgrim 5 years ago

Incidentally, I did notice the previews at the AMC 30 theater in Olathe now include "report any suspicious characters to the theater staff".

50YearResident 5 years ago

Good One! These are the untold stories of guns saving lives. Thanks. Let us point that out to Mr Conrad, the untold stories that don't make the headlines.

verity 5 years ago

Maybe I am misunderstanding, but are you really saying there have been attempts to assassinate our president that we haven't heard about?

I also have to question the "untold stories" that must be out there. That argument is less than persuasive. What about all the untold stories where people weren't killed because there were no guns involved?

It is more than the Secret Service having guns that keep presidents from being assassinated. You might look up what the Secret Service actually does.

kawrivercrow 5 years ago

"are you really saying there have been attempts to assassinate our president that we haven't heard about"

No. He's saying that those 'attempts' were never attempted to begin with.

verity 5 years ago

And why weren't those attempts made? Are you really trying to equate the Secret Service with having random armed people ready to pull their gun? There are not only a number of very highly trained and highly screened agents around the president at any time, but much prior work is done before the president arrives, sometimes weeks or months in advance.

verity 5 years ago

Nuclear weapons also put us at risk of killing off all humans on earth. That would solve all our problems.

By saying there are no numbers for deterrence, you are saying that you have no proof, you are just guessing. By looking at the data from so-called first world countries, it looks like your guess may be wrong. It's certainly no better than anybody else's guess.


Leslie Swearingen 5 years ago

First of all, guns are not sentient beings that make decisions and act on their own. In trying to explain why there is gun crime, we hear the same old cliches that we have already heard a million times squared to infinity. Poverty, upbringing, too rich and spoiled, etc.

In the fifties there was a movie called, "The Bad Seed," in which a little girl around nine, does the most horrific things simply because she was born bad. This was not a horror movie but one in which the characters honestly tried to discuss the issue. The girl was in a typical middle class family and didn't have poverty to blame or being raised in a single parent family. Of course, today we don't believe that.

When I was growing up there were mainly westerns on television in which every man was openly wearing a gun. No one was worried about the effect this would have on children and we were even allowed to wear gun-belts with guns and have shootouts at school during recess. No mass shootings in the papers. Today you never see anyone openly wearing guns on either television or the movies and yet there are more mass killings.


50YearResident 5 years ago

Your last paragraph brings me to 1 reason I think we have such a "young people" problem. Juvenile protection laws allow a 17 year old to commit murder without fear of life in prison. He will be free in a year or two and have no tracable record to follow him in later life from that incident. When we as a nation, eliminate juvenile free passes, there will be 50% less crime in United Stated. Think about it..........We train our kids how to be better criminals, and to perfect their criminal skills clear up to the age of 18 and then turn them loose into society and expect them to be law abiding and upstanding members.

Brock Masters 5 years ago

My wife have discussed teen crime before and we disagree on it. My view is how can you rehabilitate a person who can commit a brutal heinous cold-blooded murder? I suggest locking them away for the rest of their life.

She responds their minds are not formed completely when they are young and they don't fully appreciate the gravity of their actions. They should have a second chance.

I know it is harsh but I still believe we need to keep kids that commit murder out of society for the rest of their life. If anyone disagrees then I have a question for them - would you trust them to be alone with your child or grandchild for an extended period of time? If not then how can we let them back into society.

I also feel this way about adults who commit premeditated murder. Never let them out. They made a choice when they decided to murder. It was a choice let them live with the consequences and never give them the opportunity to kill again.

50YearResident 5 years ago

Fred, I agree with your comments. And tell your wife when I was 13 years old, I knew right from wrong, weather my brain was fully developed or not. Other kids do also. If there were no consequences for the "wrongs", things may have turned a lot different. It is easy to get off course if there are no penalities for going there.

Centerville 5 years ago

"Murder is murder in offense or defense," said no sane person. Ever.

Leslie Swearingen 5 years ago

Joseph Campbell said that he thought that the formation of gangs is due to an innate human need for a "family group" with rules and expectations that are known and adhered to by all without that unit.

The young people in these gangs have no where else to turn to, to belong to, and gangs do have a set hierarchy, rules and such so that all within feel safe and accepted within these boundary's.

Freakanomics points out that gangs are like a business with a boss at the top and then others on down the line.

The movie,"The Bad Seed", which is based on the book by William March presupposes that even someone born and raised in a two parent, middle class family can be evil simply because they were born with that inside them. This eight year old girl is a killer in case you haven't saw the movie. In the book her parents kill her as the only way to stop her from killing, in the movie she has an accident and dies. She has no feelings for others at all and simply kills when it furthers her personal will or ambitions.

I find in fascinating that children born in both the best and the worst of families can be exactly the same mentally and emotionally. If the map is not the territory then the brain is not the mind.

Centerville 5 years ago

You're right. If someone has broken into your home, you won't be wasting your time determining their pedigree.

kawrivercrow 5 years ago

LOL at David Conrad and his short little list of tangential non sequiturs.

Seriously, is that how the gun-control crowd thinks?

MarcoPogo 5 years ago

While we're laughing at others' brain power, let's at least get the author's name right.

verity 5 years ago


If you google "CDC research on gun deaths" you will find numerous articles on this.

Why is the NRA so afraid of research on gun deaths?

Jeff Rice 5 years ago

Shame on the LJ World for publishing such drivel from Mr. Conrad.

Jim Phillips 5 years ago

It appears the letter writer got his information off the Internet, and we all know they can't put anything on the Internet that isn't true. Uh, Bon Jour!

frank regnier 5 years ago

Don't know why everyone has their underwear "in a bind" over new gun laws. Try to buy ammo for the guns that you do own! HA ,,,,that's the problem!

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