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Letter: Postal plan

March 21, 2013


To the editor:

Last month, Postmaster General Patrick Donohoe announced plans to end six-day mail delivery in August. This flies in the face of existing law which requires six-day delivery. Congress has mandated six-day delivery by law since 1983, which is also the last year that the USPS received any taxpayer funding. The people who would suffer include not just postal workers but small business, seniors, veterans and rural Americans.

Donohoe makes the dubious claim that ending Saturday delivery would save money. In fact, it would result in drastic service cuts and lost revenue.

What his plan fails to mention is that it would deprive small businesses of affordable and accessible shipping services, veterans of job opportunities and seniors of medication delivered to their door on Saturday, and make rural Americans second-class citizens with second-class service. It also would starve the USPS of needed revenue streams.

Eight million Americans are employed in the trillion-dollar-a-year mailing industry. Not only could it be your friendly letter carrier losing his or her job, it could just as easily be your neighbor who works in paper production, printing, shipping, greeting cards or direct mail.

This is not a done deal. The American public does not have to, nor should they accept the postmaster general’s ill-conceived and destructive plan. There are better ways to save the postal service.


Milton Bland 1 year ago

It the USPS workers at our local post offices were a little more customer friendly, I might use their services. But that probably will not happen, so I use the computer to pay bills, and FedEx and UPS for package service. USPS is just as responsible for their demise as congress.


LadyJ 1 year ago

Seems congress has taken care of the problem today, Saturday deliveries will continue. George must live in my neighborhood, delivery has been terrible. We almost lost our health insurance because we didn't get an important letter from them. We are constantly taking other people's mail to their mailboxes that was delivered to ours. Sometimes we find mail in our box after we have taken in the mail so some of our neighbors (hopefully all of them) are doing the same. Once I was waiting for a package and saw the carrier coming and headed for the door. By the time I got there he was gone and a note saying I would have to go pick the package up because we weren't there. We have a doorbell and he did not ring it or knock. Like George, it's always a different carrier. What deec said is also true, heard it from a carrier that was working under those terms. He ended up getting his kids a medical card so at least they would have medical care while he and his wife had no coverage.


Dan Eyler 1 year ago

I can comfortably state that I haven't mailed 5 letters or packages through the USPS in the past 2 years. I receive junk mail by a 6:1 ratio. Of the junk mail I don't read any of it. I have no issue with closing the postal service 2 days a week.


KansasLiberal 1 year ago

Wow! I haven't seen this many uninformed comments on a non-abortion comment thread in a while! Several commenters have laid out the facts that the USPS would be doing fine if not for the 75 year pre-funding requirement that the republicans forced on them. This has been public knowledge for years, so why do so many people choose to ignore it?


Postalpatriot 1 year ago

Andy, you and your union brothers and sisters will be just as unemployed as the rest of us if change does not take place. To suggest the USPS needs to continue on with the status quo - same operational structure and business model - is to suggest we all just put our heads in the sand while ignoring the harsh reality which is that the time and necessity for change is well past the point of need and is now paramount to the very survival of our organization. You wield the elderly, rural and business customers as if they are some banner to fly in the face of necessary change when the stark truth is that without the changes proposed they will in fact be the victims of your propaganda warfare. Postal unions are absolutely devoid of any compassion beyond your own self preservation and union dues coffers. The fact that these operational proposals results in the reduction of craft workforce positions (union dues) is the only real driving motivation your organizations have for resisting the resizing of our distribution and delivery networks. When the majority of America (our customers) agrees with the proposed changes and indicates they are OK with ceasing Saturday delivery, who are you to suggest they don't know what they want or need? Absent responsible leadership action from our Congressional representatives it is imperative that the USPS continue to make the changes that are within its operational control to reduce costs and provide a reasonable and acceptable level of service to our customers. Not to stand firm and pretend that the Postal Service of 50 years ago is the same as today. Instead of planting your feet firmly to resist these changes, the unions should embrace and enable these changes. Maybe that would get the attention of Congress and spur them to take some prudent and responsible action. Take what ever position you feel best represents you but don’t lie to America by suggesting that the proposed changes will irreparably harm anyone because that is a false pretense in any form. Stand your ground if you must with passion but do so with dignity and truth, not propaganda and misrepresentation as you have here.


George_Braziller 1 year ago

There are currently nine routes in Lawrence without an assigned carrier, mine is one of them. It's been a year since our route had the same carrier two days in a row.

Last Friday I finally asked the "carrier of the day" if we were ever going to get a permanent one. She said she hoped so. It was her day off but was called in to do the route because there wasn't anyone else available.

Right now mail is delivered somewhere between 8:30 and 5:30 if at all. One month I ended up with late fees on some bills I hadn't paid the previous month because they weren't (and never have been) delivered. Cutting it to five days will just make the situation worse.


dogbait 1 year ago

I would not miss receiving junk mail on Saturday. I would love to see letter carriers off on Saturday so they can be with their families. I know many carriers who feel the same but are afraid to voice their opinions because the NALC does not agree with the PG Donohoe's decision. Parcels would still be delivered and mail could be distributed more evenly through out the week. It would help the USPS from staying in the red. How much money can the USPS continue to lose before they take action. Also, stop making cuts at the lower employee levels and start cutting the "fat" at the other end. If the USPS and the NALC are going to survive they will have to come to an agreement quickly. While this disagreement continues between the two parties, it is the "working employees" who continue to suffer. If you want to see what PG Donohoe earns click on this webpage>


donttreadonme 1 year ago

"headdoctor25 minutes ago ... The Postal Regulatory Commission and the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act of 2006 keeps beating them down. Both were brought about under Republican administrations. The USPS actually makes a profit every year but not after the Government requires them to honor the conditions of the 2006 Postal Act."

So true. I also think the 2006 Postal Act was designed to burden the USPS, so as to make privatization a "viable" option. I'm sure UPS and Fed Ex are licking their chops. But if that ever happens you can kiss your 46 cent letter goodbye.

You can't send anything UPS or FedEx for less than $6.00 or so.


kansanbygrace 1 year ago

USPS is one of the best mail services in the world. UPS and FedEx depend on USPS for several segments of their service.

If it were not for the bizarre and unjust requirement for this sole entity, of the entire business world, to fund retirement for 75 years into the future, they would be profitable and able to update and upgrade. How was it that Congress both semi-privatized and defunded the Post Office while mandating this outrageously punitive measure? Politics. Not practicality--politics!


headdoctor 1 year ago

The anger of this letter writer is miss placed. Put the anger where it belongs. Congress has caused this problem. The Post Master General is just trying to make the best of it with what they have to work with. Almost every US entity that sells products or offers services took a hit with the downturn of the economy. The Post Office also has to change or adapt to the effects of how people communicate these days. The Postal Regulatory Commission and the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act of 2006 keeps beating them down. Both were brought about under Republican administrations. The USPS actually makes a profit every year but not after the Government requires them to honor the conditions of the 2006 Postal Act. Which was nothing more than another avenue to giving the Government more money to finance an unfunded war. As long as the Postal Regulatory Commission and the 2006 Postal Act are running things the USPS will never be able to be competitive or survive.


streetman 1 year ago

Let's be honest. The Postal Service, as it is currently set-up, is a dinosaur -- and nothing can make it sustainable without major changes -- primarily down-sizing. If it had to pay for itself -- without wracking up (more) massive debt (including a typically over-generous retirement plan) -- we'd have to pay $1 + to mail a post card. It will be a struggle, but we'll survive not getting mail on Saturday, or maintaining a post office in the middle on nowhere. This is just a start.


Steve Jacob 1 year ago

Too harsh wilbur, the post office downfall has nothing to do with them, just the sign of the times.


oneeye_wilbur 1 year ago

Thank you Andy. The local post office downtown, could operate in a smaller facility. It seems ridiculous for so much floor space in the lobby and counter to be wasted on counter space never used, the selling of greeting cards and just plain junk. Look at the south station. Had two counters and now only one used.

The postmaster downtown is hidden and her off ice is way too big. The supervisors are rarely working the counter to assist those picking up packages and mail in the rear. The counter help should never leave the counter.

If the supervisors follw the carriers around, then the supervisors need to help deliver.

The post office is top heavy in supervisors and to have a postmaster that is not accessible or even helping staff , it is no wonder the postal service has no money.


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