Letter: Election change

March 20, 2013


To the editor:

Current legislation pending before the Kansas House and Senate election committees (HB 2227 and SB 211) is a classic example of a solution in search of a problem. If the legislation is approved, it would move local general elections to November and make them partisan races. Even if SB 145 is approved, which keeps local elections in odd-numbered years but moves them to August (primary) and November (general) and makes them partisan races, it is unlikely to increase voter turnout.

It is well-established that Kansas has a strong respect for local ordinances. There is no greater example than that of independent, nonpartisan elections. The current structure maintains the autonomy of cities and counties, and provides the necessary independent dialogue for effective elections. Although it is true that you can never separate politics from elections, local races center much more on issues. Voters can discuss these issues directly with their representatives and candidates at any time. It is the essence of grass-roots democracy and essential for effective governance. The requirement for partisan elections will only damage the current dialogue.

In the interest of voter education and local autonomy, I encourage voters to contact their legislators and express their opposition to these changes.


snitty 5 years, 2 months ago

A great LTE. Here is yet another solution in search of a problem, as this corrupt and dangerous legislature goes on wrecking everything that is decent about Kansas.

msezdsit 5 years, 2 months ago

"I encourage voters to contact their legislators and express their opposition to these changes."

The only contact that would have any affect with these radical right wing ideologues is a Louisville slugger. Maybe we could take the advice of one of their own and have a turkey shoot from a helicopter. Of course we can't do either nor should we lower ourselves to their standards but folks, their is a coup d'état under way and it is orchestrated by these crackpots. The only way to stop them is to wake up and vote them out. (Before they change all the voting laws so they can't be voted out). This lte is tight on point.

Joe Hyde 5 years, 2 months ago

It's no accident that our legislature, currently dominated by radical Republicans, wants to move all local government elections to November. Doing this will help confuse, even overwhelm, concerned voters with a blizzard of candidate names; with local, state, national issues to sort out; with candidate media advertising to endure; with issue identification to remember.

Republican fascists are obeying ALEC-issued orders: Attack relentlessly with multiple political distractions to keep salaried workers from organizing a defense against the financial screwing they've been targeted to receive. Attack, attack, attack.

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