Letter: A good gig

To the editor:

I want to run for Congress. It’s a good gig. I will be paid $174,000 a year, the legislative calendar for 2013 requires me to work only 126 days, I will get wonderful health care, and all I have to do is go and vote no. I don’t need to provide any leadership, I don’t have to compromise. I can stand at the right hand of the speaker of the House, just knit my eyebrows and look concerned. I don’t have to govern.

Today I can relinquish my responsibility as a legislator to the president of the United States to decide what cuts are necessary to get our fiscal house in order and then the fun part begins. I will take no responsibility for the shape the country is in. I don’t need to acknowledge how we got here. I can pontificate about communists, socialists, Marxists. I can then take potshots daily from the cheap seats on all decisions the duly elected president makes.

If I can get elected speaker of the House, I can tell you to get off your posterior and do something when I know full well the Constitution states it is the responsibility of the House of Representatives to initiate bills. I can ignore the collective will of the nation who re-elected President Obama because I know I am safe. You will return me to Congress because I am doing such a good job. I’m a Republican from Kansas!