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Editorial: Valuable aid

June 25, 2013


To the editor:

As one of the approximately 36 million American adults with hearing loss, I looked forward very much to experiencing the hearing loop system at the new Theatre Lawrence.

It works! Without the need for extra apparatus like the older infrared or FM systems, I could access enhanced sound on my own hearing aids with the t-coil setting. Most hearing aids today have t-coils. Those without hearing aids can request a headset and receiver.

A hearing loop in a facility magnetically transfers the sound from the microphone sound signal to the hearing aid eliminating distance and outside noise. Theatre Lawrence was very forward thinking in making the decision to loop their new facility and to provide this accessibility.  A big thank you to them, to Lawrence Otolaryngology for providing funding for the system, and to Lawrence Sertoma for funding the installation provided by MSM Systems.


Leslie Swearingen 4 years, 12 months ago

If you don't have a particular disability then you tend to not think about it. But as a member of St. Johns I am aware that those with hearing loss like to listen to the same things as the rest of us. So, the church as accommodations for this as I am sure other do. This is just the first time I was aware of it.

I too am very happy with the new theater and look forward to future productions. I think we are very lucky to have this in Lawrence. I am very happy that you got to enjoy the play because you could hear it loud and clear.

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