Letter: Track trip

June 15, 2013


To the editor:

My husband and I very much enjoyed the coverage given to the KU women’s track and field team winning the NCAA Outdoor National Championship. The only thing more enjoyable was to actually witness this in person. We have always wanted to travel to the runner’s mecca of Eugene, and when we realized the highly ranked KU women would be competing for a national championship, we decided this was the time to go. The weather was perfect, and we discovered that the beautiful Hayward Field was designed with spectator comfort in mind. We hope this facility is a model for our new Rock Chalk facility.

The track meet was held mostly in the afternoons and evenings which freed up mornings to run the numerous trails, take in the local Eugene attractions and travel to the Pacific coast. The meet was terrific — so exciting with all the throwing and jumping events (except for the hammer throw) taking place in the center of the running track. The KU women competed in the majority of the events, so it was one thrill after another as they racked up points.

We will long remember the joyous midfield celebration as our team was awarded the national championship trophy. Eugene, TrackTown USA, will host the event again next year, so do yourself a favor and plan to have a great vacation and support the effort of these extraordinary athletes, who are so unjaded as to be surprised that a celebration was being planned at Allen Fieldhouse upon their return with a national championship trophy.


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