Letter: Energy folly

To the editor:

The purveyors of ethanol-blended fuels complain that they are facing difficult and expensive regulations to follow in order to sell their product. Hmmm! Let’s see: They are trying to force a politically mandated product on the public, that uses more energy to make than it can provide, which requires the user to refill his vehicle more times to get the same production as produced by a competing product and that cannot be produced without massive government subsidies. What’s more, it uses a raw material base that drastically affects the food markets in an adverse way.

While many “alternative” energy sources are leaning heavily on governmental support to “get going,” very few of them can survive at all without it and they continue to provide a marginal impact on today’s energy needs. Perhaps the ethanol advocates would have made better use of their own energies espousing an abundant natural resource, say: natural gas.

The way I see it: E-15 is throwing good money after bad.