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Off the Beaten Plate: Bill Self Pasta at 23rd Street Brewery

The Bill Self Pasta at 23rd Street Brewery

The Bill Self Pasta at 23rd Street Brewery

June 13, 2013


The Bill Self Pasta at 23rd Street Brewery

The Bill Self Pasta at 23rd Street Brewery

Off the Beaten Plate
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Cheers to the American college town — a land where restaurants make homemade big-shell mac ‘n’ cheese, sprinkle it with herbed bread crumbs, pile spicy buffalo fried chicken tenders on top of it, let the hot sauce swirl into each forkful of hot pasta and melty cheese, then name the meal after the man who, according to Kansas Athletics, has made their favorite team the winningest program in Division I for the last six seasons.

23rd Street Brewery staffers say that while Kansas University men’s basketball coach Bill Self didn’t necessarily create his namesake dish, he has been known to order it. Fittingly, when it comes to things on a plate, the Bill Self is easily one of Lawrence’s winningest combinations.

Where to get it: 23rd Street Brewery, 3512 Clinton Parkway

What you’ll pay: $15.99

Try it with: 23rd Street’s Bitter Professor IPA. Chase the intense combo with that cool, creamy little mint that comes with the bill.

Also on the menu: Naked Nachos (chips come on the side), 23rd Street Meatloaf (smothered in gravy), brats, pizzas, calzones, the Charlie Weis (mac ‘n’ cheese with chili and Fritos), the Manly Stanley (double burger with cheese, bacon, egg, fried pickles, onion ring and wing sauce), and miscellaneous other dishes named after KU sports figures.

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appleaday 5 years ago

Looks like a heart attack on a plate!

q_ball2kand1 5 years ago

It's good, but ridiculously over-priced.

Chris Paradies 5 years ago

I moved away from Lawrence a while ago and this is one of the foods I miss most about Lawrence. But both of the previous comments are right. Heart attack on a plate and overpriced. But it's the best heart attack waiting to happen you can buy.

Suzanne Jacobsen 5 years ago

We ate there as a family for the first time a couple of weeks ago. Won't do that again. The food is way over-priced and not seasoned well. It was awful, actually. The only good thing about it was the service. They were very prompt and courteous.

broddie 5 years ago

As Gordon Ramsay would say, "Absolutely dreadful. Wouldn't feed that to a pig"

colicole81 5 years ago

I agree with previous posters. $15.99 for Mac and Cheese and buffalo strips?!? That's nuts! I'm pretty sure several restaurants in Lawrence, including Johnny's West and The Alvabar, offer the same dish for less! Plus, it is extremely unhealthy. My family and I used to eat at 23rd Street often, until one day it started costing way more than the experience or the food was worth.

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