Letter: ‘Everness’

July 17, 2013


To the editor:

This newspaper recently reported that the Lawrence area has fewer jobs than in the year 2000.

Mount Oread and KU have long given Lawrence a steady anchor and sense of “everness” or an enduring notion of stability and permanence.

In his book “Deep Economy,” author Bill McKibben urges us to localize our food, transportation and energy markets around our local population centers. Lawrence and Douglas County are very well located to address an increasing demand for locally grown organic foods.

Lawrence is perfect for a multitude of cottage industries, art and open competition in a now globalized economy, a desirable place with good quality of life and available educational systems.

Why no jobs?

Have we not been following the advice of the Lawrence Chamber of Commerce and City Hall since 1980? The only visible growth is sprawl, so this must not be working, correct?

Why do we not have an across-the-board living wage requirement in Lawrence? Yet tax increment funding has been handed out to hotel employers with large numbers of temp workers? Many of these hotel staff have no medical benefits and must rely on Health Care Access while their employer received subsidies, Why?


jhawkinsf 9 months ago

If memory serves, the letter writer's first sentence is incorrect. The article he references said there were fewer private sector jobs, not fewer total jobs. There is a huge difference.


Richard Heckler 9 months ago

City hall, elected officials and local profiteers are draining OUR pocketbooks and raising OUR taxes. How do we subsidize local profiteers? --- pick up the cost of more criminal activity as Lawrence grows. / --- building new and wider roads such as the SLT. / --- building schools on the fringe. / --- extending sewer and water lines to not necessary development. / --- extending emergency services to the fringe. / --- direct pay-outs to developers. / --- For example in Lawrence downtown two more 9th and New Hampshire structures looking at more and quite healthy multi-million tax $$$$ “donations if you will”. .

--- "Free Lunch: How Local Wealthiest Americans Enrich Themselves at Taxpayer Expense (And Stick You with the Bill)." This reveals how local government subsidies and new regulations have quietly funneled money from the local poor and the local middle class to the rich politically connected. Bill Moyers

--- David Cay Johnson – What exactly is TIF?


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