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Two Lawrence men arrested on suspicion of many offenses after crash outside bowling alley

January 31, 2013


Two Lawrence men were arrested Wednesday night on suspicion of abandoning a still-moving stolen truck and leaving the scene of an accident, along with several other offenses, following an incident outside Royal Crest Lanes, 933 Iowa St.

Terrance James Beers, 33, and Geoffry Scott Beers, 37, were booked into Douglas County Jail after police arrested them while investigating the theft of a white 2003 Ford F150 pickup truck from the P1 Group, a Lawrence contractor located at 2151 Haskell Ave.

Kansas prison photo of Geoffry Scott Beers

Kansas prison photo of Geoffry Scott Beers

Kansas prison photo of Terrance James Beers

Kansas prison photo of Terrance James Beers

A police officer on patrol spotted the truck about 11 p.m. near Ninth and Michigan streets, said Sgt. Trent McKinley, a Lawrence Police Department spokesman. The officer tried to stop it near Ninth and Highland. The driver fled south on Highland Drive, west on Yale Road, and then into the parking lot of the Royal Crest Lanes bowling alley.

Police say both the driver and a passenger jumped out of the truck while it was still rolling, and the truck hit a parked car. They entered the bowling alley building, which also houses Wayne and Larry's Sports Bar and Grill. Police arrested them inside.

Geoffry Beers was booked on suspicion of reckless driving, obstruction, possession of the stolen truck, possession of marijuana, methamphetamine, and drug paraphernalia, leaving the scene of an accident, and a third-offense charge of driving with a suspended license. He also was detained on two bench warrants from municipal court, and remains in jail on a $10,350 bond.

Terrance Beers was booked on suspicion of possessing stolen property, failure to report an accident and leaving the scene, and obstruction. He was released on a $2,700 bond.

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Clickker 5 years ago

Great..the Beers boys are at it again.

When will they learn?

Steve Jacob 5 years ago

It's bad when you already have pictures of them on file...

midwestmom 5 years ago

Moments to make a Mom proud.... or not.

patkindle 5 years ago

i suspect they do not have wealthy parents and they are not enrolled at KU

Scheidde 5 years ago

They look to be some of the smarter people in the area.....

Bob Forer 5 years ago

Why do some criminals look like crminals? If they had any acting talent, they would be great character actors playing "bad guys." .

roadwarrior 5 years ago

That's just too many beers. LOL.

Mark Currie 5 years ago

Maybe life is too hard on the outside and they long for home. LOL

Tony Kisner 5 years ago

Strange how a well thought out plan can fall apart so quickly.

bearded_gnome 5 years ago

^^thebcman 1 hour, 2 minutes ago Makes perfect sense for two Beers to try to hide in a bar.

Would have liked to seen the cops enter the bar yelling, "Where's the Beers?"

---very nicely done, LOLZ!

sorry, I don't have a good chaser for this one.

bearded_gnome 5 years ago

Two Lawrence men were arrested Wednesday night on suspicion of abandoning a still-moving stolen truck

---reads like "abandoning a still-moving-truck" is part of kansas statutes, lol.

I guess sometimes the Beers just get more frothy than usual?

Matthew Herbert 5 years ago

Who would have thought possession of meth would be involved?

Heather Perry 5 years ago

nah his sisters name is jeni and if u look back to oct 30 2012 jennelle ray pickens was also arrested for theft!

bearded_gnome 5 years ago

Pywacket 4 hours, 15 minutes ago

Gnome--Re a good chaser -- It would be perfect if they had a sister named Brandy who had played a role in their crazy exploits.

---yep! their sister: Brandy Beer, and if she married right, she'd become: Brandy Beer-stein.

bearded_gnome 5 years ago

"physician heal thyself, you want water or a *Beers chaser?

otto 5 years ago

First of all I agree with you, except that kid was charged with having more than 28 grams, hence the felony charge. He could have had 4 pounds.

otto 5 years ago

Evidently you didn't read my comment, I agree with you, you just didn't have the facts down to my satisfaction..

Richard Weeks 5 years ago

Come on jeff n tg, for real u guys are at it again.....WTF!!!!

bad_dog 5 years ago

Quit throwin' rocks at the forum windows, Ernest...

Zach_Davis 5 years ago

Beers #1:Your wheel! At fifteen m-p-h I roll out! I double back, grab one of 'em and beat it out of him! The uzi! Beers #2: Uzi? Beers #1: You didn't think I was rolling out of here naked!

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