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Writing assessments to be voluntary for districts

January 15, 2013


Many public school students in Kansas may not have to take this year's statewide writing exam, if their school district decides to opt out of it.

The Kansas State Board of Education agreed to make the test optional in 2013 because many districts are having trouble adapting to new computer-based writing tool used in the tests, and because the districts are busy gearing up to implement new reading, writing and language arts standards next year.

Tom Foster, the state education department's director of research and evaluation, said the state has flexibility on the writing exam because it is not one of the assessments mandated by federal law. Kansas administers the writing exam every other year, alternating years with a history and government exam.

Foster said districts are currently busy working on the new Common Core State Standards in reading, language arts and math. Those are scheduled to go into full effect next year, and a new type of test geared to those standards, known as the Smarter Balance assessments, will be ready in 2015, which is the next year the state will administer the writing test.


patkindle 5 years, 3 months ago

if we dont get paid, dont do it. The federal government knows what is best for us They reward us for doing what they want us to do. And penalize or offer no incentives for us doing what We want to do. It reminds me of teaching a dog tricks Reward for proper behavior, remove the treat if the pet does not behave.. It is evident we do not not need these Assessments, get used to it, there is more coming

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