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Letter: Relevant themes

February 23, 2013


To the editor:

“West Side Story,” the musical masterpiece of 1957, triumphed at the Lied Center this week, reminding me how wonderful it is that a modern interpretation of the original Bernstein and Sondheim score can still have such resonance and profundity today. Although developed around a romance, the anti-violence message of the musical is clear; themes acknowledging diversity such as “Somewhere, there’s a place for us…” brought the score once again to social relevance.

While the musical enchanted us with modern lighting, production, and a wonderful performance by the entire cast, “West Side Story” invites comparison to many issues of today.

The teaching of tolerance and the end of bullying and violence, and guns in America are all currently relevant.

Here at home many of us feel bullied; not having a public vote on a city recreation center is one example. Although the alliance of town and gown is integral to Lawrence, it is simply not fair to make a jump in our conclusions about the use of a sales tax without a renewal of that mandate for its use today.

Made clear in the 2011 City Commission elections there is a divide of turf along Iowa street, yet “West Side Story” cannot succeed without the embrace of all of Lawrence.

Please vote in the upcoming primary for the candidate that does not bully or always align with special interests but offers convincing, new, and fair leadership.


Dan Eyler 5 years, 3 months ago

I guess I need to pay closer attention to the the Free State Sharks and the LMH Jets. The west side sharks continue to stack the deck against the east. Allies of the east side Jets, better know as the Jayhawks who reside east of Iowa Street on Campanile hill have been infiltrated by the west side Sharks. Through payoffs to the Jayhawks by the west side Sharks, the west side is gaining political influence. The East side with its government buildings, modern homeless shelter, and beloved Massachusetts Street, and library and the west side with the proposed recreational center, modern roads and businesses and half million dollar homes make for the perfect showdown between between the Sharks on the west side and the Jets on the east. The setting, modern day Lawrence, Kansas.

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