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How former Jayhawks fared in Feb. 4 NBA games
February 4, 2013
A look at how former Kansas University players fared in Monday’s NBA games.
Lawrence man arrested on suspicion of kidnapping, domestic battery
February 4, 2013
A 39-year-old Lawrence man was arrested Monday afternoon on suspicion of aggravated kidnapping and domestic battery after police responded to a domestic disturbance at a home in the 2400 block of Cedarwood Avenue. By Ian Cummings
City to start process of building $10 million worth of infrastructure at Farmland site
February 4, 2013
Lawrence city commissioners on Tuesday are set to take their biggest step yet toward starting about $10 million of infrastructure work to convert the former Farmland Industries fertilizer plant into a business park. By Chad Lawhorn
KU basketball great B.H. Born dies
05:41 p.m., February 4, 2013 Updated 12:13 a.m.
Kansas men’s basketball great B.H. Born died Sunday, Feb. 3, in Peoria, Ill. Born was 80.
Indiana man arrested on suspicion of soliciting sex with child by electronic communications
February 4, 2013
A 35-year-old Fort Wayne, Ind., man was arrested in Lawrence Monday morning on suspicion of using electronic communications to solicit sex involving a child. By Ian Cummings
Commission to propose designating downtown area a ‘cultural district’
February 4, 2013
It’s no secret that the heart of Lawrence is ripe with culture. A group of stakeholders led by the Lawrence Arts Center wants the area to have an official definition that reflects it, and the Lawrence Cultural Arts Commission is proposing that the city designates it a “cultural district.” By Sara Shepherd.
Kansas City man charged with federal gun crime after arrest at local club
February 4, 2013
A 21-year-old Kansas City, Kan., man has been charged with a federal felony gun possession charge following a Sunday morning incident at Magic Lounge, 804 W. 24th Street. By Shaun Hittle
Bill would set term limits for Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission
February 4, 2013
A proposal to set term limits on members of the panel that enforces the ethics rules that govern public officials was considered Monday. By Scott Rothschild.
Lawrence schools opt out of 2013 writing test
February 4, 2013
The Kansas State Board of Education made this year’s writing assessment optional as districts gear up to implement the new Common Core State Standards in English and language arts next year. By Peter Hancock
KU’s Elijah Johnson says Sunday’s three-hour team meeting with head coach was productive
03:18 p.m., February 4, 2013 Updated 12:12 a.m.
Kansas University senior Elijah Johnson is hoping a Sunday pep talk from his coach — during a three-hour team meeting in Allen Fieldhouse — is just what he needs to turn his season around. By Gary Bedore
Aquifer sees 2nd largest decline on record in 2012
February 4, 2013
Water tables in the Ogallala Aquifer fell an average of 3.5 feet in 2012, a record exceeded only by the 4.25-foot decline in 2011. State and local officials are pushing for conservation measures, but they admit the long-term sustainability of a groundwater-based economy in western Kansas may be in doubt. By Peter Hancock
One man arrested, second still at large in manhunt near East 2400 Road and K-10
02:54 p.m., February 4, 2013 Updated 10:49 p.m.
At least one helicopter and a highway patrol K-9 unit joined officers from several law enforcement agencies searching an area around East 2400 Road and Kansas Highway 10 Monday afternoon for two men who fled a highway patrol traffic stop in a stolen car. One of the men was arrested. By Ian Cummings
City crews repair broken water main near 19th and Delaware streets
February 4, 2013
Water service was shut off to about 37 homes and two businesses after contractors accidentally broke a water main near the intersection of 19th and Delaware streets. Water service was expected to be back on by 5:30 p.m. Ian Cummings
Conservatives preparing constitutional amendment to thwart school finance ruling
February 4, 2013
Conservative Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee questioned a recent order by a three-judge panel to increase public school funding by $440 million. The judges ruled that the Legislature had failed its constitutional duty to provide suitable funding for schools. By Scott Rothschild.
Overland Park man guilty of involuntary manslaughter in fatal 2010 collision
February 4, 2013
A 24-year-old Overland Park man faces between three and 14 years in prison after pleading guilty to involuntary manslaughter in a deadly 2010 collision that killed a 19-year-old Lawrence woman. By Ian Cummings
Lights out: Ravens edge 49ers, 34-31
February 4, 2013
From blowout to blackout to shootout, Joe Flacco and the Baltimore Ravens had just enough power to survive one of the most electric Super Bowls ever.
How to help: Mentors needed to help first-time homeowners
February 4, 2013
Tenants to Homeowners Inc. is seeking volunteer mentors for its “A Place To Make Your Own” program. Staff Reports
KDOT seeks input from bicyclists to update state plan
February 4, 2013
In an effort to update the Kansas Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation Plan, KDOT is conducting an online survey about bicycling and walking facilities and policies in the state. The goal is to improve safety, public health, recreation, tourism and community development. By Nikki Wentling
Super Bowl advertising blitz has date with destiny
February 4, 2013
Super Bowl ads this year morphed into mini soap operas. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson shrugged off aliens so he could get more milk for his kids in a Super Bowl spot for the Milk Processor Education Program. Anheuser-Busch’s commercial told the story of a baby Clydesdale growing up and returning to his owner for a heartfelt hug years later. And a Jeep ad portrayed the trials and triumphs of families waiting for their return of family members. By The Associated Press
How former Jayhawks fared in Feb. 3 NBA games
February 4, 2013
How former Kansas University basketball players fared in NBA games of Feb. 3.
Capitol Report: ‘Economic freedom,’ lap dancing and Holland’s tax briefing
February 4, 2013
Economic freedom, lap dancing and Holland’s tax review. By Scott Rothschild
Mind Matters: Learn to manage difficult interactions
February 4, 2013
There are ways to deal with difficult interactions, whether infrequent or persistent.
Kids can make eco-friendly valentines
February 4, 2013
Last year we were on a beach vacation over Valentine’s Day, so I got a pass on what would have been my first round of valentines for my toddler’s school classmates. This year, I’m not so lucky, in many respects, so I’ve been thinking about what we can make to take to school for my little man’s beloved friends.
February 4, 2013
Douglas County residents or businesses filing for bankruptcy protection recently in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in the District of Kansas, according to court records.
25 years ago: County building parking situation ‘woefully inadequate’
February 4, 2013
The situation could only worsen if the state ordered an additional court division.
Opinion: Football’s grip worries university leaders
February 4, 2013
Many university presidents/chancellors think the current football climate has a financial grip on their campuses and that change is unlikely anytime soon. By Gene A. Budig
Around and about in local business
February 4, 2013
Local business news for the week ending February 1, 2013.
40 years ago: Six arrested after drug sale at Baldwin H.S.
February 4, 2013
Four of those arrested were juveniles.
100 years ago: Lawrence voters polled on city ownership of water plant
February 4, 2013
“Three thousand one hundred and ten ballots were put into the mail yesterday.”
Double Take: Trips abroad often inadvisable in high school
February 4, 2013
Dear Dr. Wes and Katie: My high school student wants to go on a senior trip out of the United States. This isn’t exactly sponsored by the school, but adults from the school are going. I have heard some negative things about these trips in the past, and it bothers me that I won’t be there to see it for myself. What do you recommend?
Fix-It Chick: Start seeds indoors
February 4, 2013
Get a jump on spring by starting garden seeds indoors. By Linda Cottin
Go-Getter: Try investing
February 4, 2013
It’s the time of year when you’re looking at your financial situation as you prepare to do your taxes, so it makes sense to think about investing your hard-earned money. A local expert told us how to do it. By Rebekka Schlichting
Remnant Rehab: Create cards that pop
February 4, 2013
You can choose from any number of pre-made valentines at the store, but to put a personal touch on them, why not have kids make their own? Add some pizzazz with pop-up cards this year.
Sweethearts and singles invited to Valentine’s tea
February 4, 2013
“Bring or meet your sweetheart” — that’s the timely motto for the Honored Citizens Club’s upcoming Valentine’s Day tea.
Style for the Ages: Historical Threads, Barbour waxed cotton jacket
February 4, 2013
Our general love for all things Brit has most definitely crossed over to the fashion world.
Editorial: Jersey honor
Has the honor of having a jersey hung from the Allen Fieldhouse rafters been diluted by changing criteria?
February 4, 2013
When the tradition of having jerseys of truly outstanding players recognized by a jersey being hung from the rafters of Allen Fieldhouse began, there were very specific guidelines about who could qualify for this high honor. According to the KU basketball media guide, the criteria were expanded in 2002. Why not a separate area for such honorees?
Opinion: Moral grandstanding on guns
February 4, 2013 in print edition on A8
Politics becomes amusing when liberalism becomes theatrical with high-minded gestures. Chicago’s government, which is not normally known for elevated thinking, is feeling so morally upright and financially flush that it proposes to rise above the banal business of maximizing the value of its employees’ and retirees’ pension fund assets. Although seven funds have cumulative unfunded liabilities of $25 billion, Chicago will sacrifice the growth of those assets to the striking of a political pose so pure it is untainted by practicality.
Massachusetts Street has all the makings for a delicious Valentine’s Day
February 4, 2013
Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and it’s time to start thinking about gifts. Stumped again? For a lover, a crush or a friend, young or old, man or woman, it’s hard to go wrong with food. Here’s some of our favorite finds from Massachusetts Street shops.
Horoscopes for Feb. 4
February 4, 2013
For Monday, Feb. 4: This year interpersonal communication plays a very strong role in your success. You often might find that your efforts go unnoticed, but because of your constant attention and others’ strong feedback, you will achieve what you want and more. If you are single, you’ll want to decide what type of relationship you want. If you are attached, the two of you might start acting like young lovers again.
Tune In Tonight: Television ace plays new card
February 4, 2013
Prolific television writer/creator David E. Kelley has not had a hit since “Boston Legal.” Could “Monday Mornings” (9 p.m., TNT) change that?