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Letter: Russian crossing

February 2, 2013


To the editor:

On Nov 7, 2012, the Russian tanker Ob River left its port in Hammerfest, Norway, bound for Japan via a “northern route.” For the first time in navigational history, this ship went straight through the ice of the Arctic in winter. This unbelievable voyage never would have been possible if it weren’t for global warming.

Reports such as this should be alarming, but, unfortunately, voices of environmental opposition have worked hard to diminish the credibility of global warming truths. Even worse, they have angled the prism of climate change to such an extent that in their convoluted minds they see it as a benefit to industry, completely undermining the implications of warning signs such as this.

Hal Brown, who works for the shipping journal Lloyds List, says, “It cuts sailing time between Russian ports and Asia from 40 days to 22 days. So it saves owners a huge amount on fuel.” This ideology of industry is akin to informing a terminal cancer patient that, after just completing their final round of chemotherapy, “at least you’ve saved money at the barber.”


Paul R Getto 5 years, 4 months ago

When 50% of the population has to leave the coasts, they might want to come to Kansas to start over. Might that be part of Sam's plan?

Ken Lassman 5 years, 4 months ago

When I wrote Sam to encourage continued support of a Renewable Energy Standard for our state, something that legislature curmudgeons are currently attacking, I received an emailed response that included:

" The Holcomb Station clean coal expansion project intends to utilize our state's God-given resources to add measured and efficient base load generation capabilities to reinforce our region's power supply needs. "

Wha? Holcomb does not utilize renewable energy and does not utilize "our state's God-given resources" since it burns coal from Colorado or Wyoming in order to sell the electricity to Colorado front range developers in order to get Sunflower Power out of debt from all of the government loans it has taken out and can't pay back.

What a muddled, mixed-up man. But then he doesn't believe in the God-given connection between burning coal and climate change either.

gccs14r 5 years, 4 months ago

November isn't winter, but yeah, trans-polar shipping is going to be more common as the Arctic warms.

Ken Lassman 5 years, 4 months ago

Personally, I think that the ocean is one of the greatest scam artists out there. I mean, what gives it the right to extort billions if not trillions of dollars by rising its shorelines, displacing millions if not billions of people living on the coasts in the next century? And, yep, wouldn't you know it: it's a liberal collusion with Antarctica, which is quietly slipping gigatons of meltwater into the ocean, along with that socialist embarrassment called Greenland. And if anyone asks them what they're doing, those shill scientists go run out and spend our hard earned tax dollars only to conclude that it's OUR fault! Now when a kid is misbehaving, when I grew up, having a willow switch in the corner acted as the Great Reminder, right? So why's our leadership asking US to stop misbehaving when it's that liberal-socialist collusion between the Antarctic, Greenland, even the very atmosphere over Kansas that's really misbehaving?? Worse yet, because we just allowed the climate to act up here in Kansas, it's acting up even worse in Australia as we speak.

I think it's time for the Kansas legislature to take a stand against this unruliness that has cost way too much for our get-rich schemes already. I say they write up some stern legislation that bolts down cause tightly to effect so that there's no mistaking, no more wiggle room, no mister nice guy. Any time we go more than two weeks without rain in our state, any time a heat wave lasts more than 3 days, we go out to all our new wind turbines and bolt on a whole passel of those whoop-a$$ spanking paddles on the propellers, or whatever they call them things, and then we'll see who sits down a bit more gingerly at the end of the day!! Furthermore, once the rest of the planet gets wind of what's happening in our fair state, maybe it'll take pause about how rambunctious it has been getting, stop blaming us tiny humans for their misbehavior and get back to work like it should be doing, us having dominion over all of that, you know.

Now get with it, Topeka!

myavaka 5 years, 4 months ago

What makes more sense? 1: Regional environment groups and community activists are spending their limited operating budgets in a massive conspiracy with 90% of the global scientific community to create a hoax and ruin the economy. 2: Oil companies are spending their billions and billions in profits to bribe anyone they can to protect their profits and limit any future liability that their pollution might cause.

parrothead8 5 years, 4 months ago

I really, really think Nick Hayes is not the one deluding himself here.

Bob Forer 5 years, 4 months ago

What the hell do you know about global warming, LawrenceGuy? You don't even know how to spell.

Mike Ford 5 years, 4 months ago

lawrenceguy40....your university of archie bunker rants reek of intelligence (laugh).

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