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KU student sentenced to two years probation for role in May bar beating

December 20, 2013


Douglas Count District Court Judge Paula B. Martin on Thursday sentenced a 22-year-old Kansas University student to two years probation, including two months shock time with the department of corrections.

Alexander L. Pendleton, of Texas, was found guilty of aggravated battery by a jury in November. Pendleton was arrested on May 17 after Lawrence police responded to a disturbance at Brothers Bar and Grill, 1105 Massachusetts St. After a nearly three-day trial, a jury found Pendleton guilty of aggravated battery for his role in sending a 24-year-old Dallas man to an area trauma center. Robert Trigg Edwards received significant facial injuries after being knocked to the ground and beaten in the face.

Pendleton had pleaded not guilty in July. Following the November verdict, Martin ordered an anger evaluation, substance-abuse evaluation and community corrections plan. As part of his sentence, Pendleton will receive one day of jail credit and restitution will be determined within 30 days.


Terry Lee 4 years, 5 months ago

Shocking...wonder what frat he was from?

Philip Davis 4 years, 5 months ago

I think this is a very ignorant statement, and you have seen too many John Hughes movies. I was in a fraternity at the University of Kansas (that's right World-Journal, I said it right), and while we did our fair share of partying and spending money at several of our local, downtown businesses, we also organized community service events. Our nefarious fraternity did such twisted things as: spending our hung-over Sundays cleaning the garbage from the sides of Iowa Street, gathering hundreds of cans for the local food pantries, and spending time just hanging out with some of our neighbors with special needs. You should know that, while this person may have been in a fraternity, that these organizations have codes of conduct that condemn things like this.

Don't discriminate. It makes you smell bad.

Rick Masters 4 years, 5 months ago

Which John Hughes' movie(s) about frats are you referring to exactly?

Arnie Bunkers 4 years, 5 months ago

is that Raymond Pendleton of the football team? Not sure what his real first name is

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