How long will it take to walk?

It’s back-to-school time, so here’s a word problem for you: You awake in a panic and see that it’s 7:41 a.m., just 19 minutes until your public speaking class starts in Fraser Hall, all the way across campus from your dorm room. Can you make it?

Well, part of the answer may depend on your willingness to, say, throw on a hat and forgo combing your hair. But you also need to know: How long is that walk going to take?

Thankfully, we have the handy map, courtesy of Kansas University’s Office of Design and Construction Management.

Produced as part of an effort to plan the future layout of the campus, it can be used to estimate how long it might take you to get from point A to point B by foot.

Each red circle indicates a five-minute walk from a point you might consider the center of campus: the middle of Jayhawk Boulevard, near Strong and Wescoe halls.

It’s drawn assuming that one can walk roughly a quarter-mile every five minutes, according to Jim Modig, director of the DCM office. (It’s tough to say, though, how much faster a student in the above scenario might move.)

You’ll have to adjust the time up or down based on whether you’re walking up or downhill, but still, it can serve as a rough guide. We can see, for instance, that a walk from the Daisy Hill residence halls over to Fraser should take you about 15 to 20 minutes.

If you’re not in a time pinch and just want to get a nice tour of campus and perhaps some exercise, you can check out the campus walking maps created by the KU Recreation Services office. You can find routes ranging from one to two miles at

And, just to give you an idea in case you’re still wondering just how long it might take to traverse the hilly KU campus, here are a few estimated walk times, from Google Maps:

• Ambler Student Recreation Fitness Center parking lot to Wescoe Hall: 10 minutes (0.4 miles).

• McCollum Residence Hall to Watson Library: 21 minutes (1 mile).

• Kansas Union to Allen Fieldhouse: 14 minutes (0.7 miles).

• Corbin Residence Hall to Budig Hall: 18 minutes (0.9 miles).