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Getting around campus: some parking essentials

August 25, 2013


New Kansas University students, here’s the best parking tip you’ll ever get: Take the bus.

That said, a lot of you will drive to class anyway. Before you do, here are some things you should know.

Detailed information

All things parking can be found online at, including a campus parking lot map and special event parking information.

1. You need a permit.

The KU Parking and Transit website emphatically states, “There is no free parking on campus!”

All campus lots require a permit, and not every permit is good for every lot. All parking meters require payment, parking permit or not. Permits are sold online at and mailed to recipients.

KU Parking director Donna Hultine said it’s important to choose the best permit for your needs. Then be sure you know where it allows you to park.

2. You need to read the signs.

Many parking lots open at 5 p.m. to vehicles without permits. However, many don’t.

The good news is that signs at the entrance to every parking lot indicate the permit required and the hours the lot is restricted.

“That’s a place where students get caught up or confused,” Hultine said. “You’re just taking a second to read the sign, and understand it’s going to be important.”

3. Parking tickets don’t go away if you ignore them.

Unpaid parking tickets block you from enrolling in classes when the time comes to do so. And more than three unpaid tickets can result in your car being towed from campus and impounded.

“A handful of students, in the beginning, will just get ticket after ticket after ticket, and they don’t call; they don’t ask questions,” Hultine said. “It can end up being a big thing when it could just be a very little thing if it was addressed.”

Tickets can be paid — and also appealed — online at

4. Motorcycles and mopeds require permits, too.

Most lots have designated areas for motorcycles as well as moped and scooter-type vehicles, and such vehicles are required to park in those areas.

However, Hultine said, drivers who regularly park in lots without designated areas are encouraged to contact KU Parking, which will consider exceptions on a case-by-case basis.

Bicycles don’t require parking permits and, of course, neither does the bus.


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